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Indians are obsessive smart phone users... see results of B2X survey below
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(Updated    May 22 2017
Total no. of  phone subscriptions: 1.26 billion (1260 million)
Mobiles    1236 million 
Landlines: 24 million 
Total no. of PCs: 150 million 
Internet users:  400 million  including  mobile Internet 159  million
Broadband:   280 million
(wired:  20 million;   wireless : 260 million)
TV owning houses: 150 million ( DTH: 54 million)
DTH operators: 6;     Private TV channel  826

NEW!  GSMA study: Mobile Economy of India 2016
Ericsson Mobility Report 2016: India findings
2016 FICCI-KPMG report on Media and Entertainment industry in India


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Big screen for small budgets
If you look at your phone 50 times a day you must be a millennial!
IT is back to retro!
If you look at your phone 50 times a day you must be a millennial!
If you look at your phone 50 times a day you must be a millennial!
Machine Learning experts thin on the ground in global R&D centres in India
IT is back to retro!
Personal Technologies  
If you look at your phone 50 times a day you must be a millennial!
Travel & Tourism Technology  
Aadhaar-based entry and check-in has come to Indian airports
Avaya hackathon helps to identify innovation in healthcare and insurance

Product Pulse  
Smartron srt phone is a pocket rocket!
IT happened in India
  IT is back to retro!
Users  demand the ease and efficiency of legacy  gadgets  -- and now,  makers respond. By Anand Parthasarathy Bangalore, May 23, 207: 'Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away.  Now it looks as though they're here to stay. ....
If you look at your phone 50 times a day you must be a millennial!
A study by BTX reveals  phone obsession of Indians May 21, 2017: The mobile phone has become an essential accessory for Indians -- they have bought over a billion of them. And if that phone is a smart phone with easy access to Internet and social media,  it is almost another limb of the owner. ....
Big screen for small budgets
This  low key Made-in-India brand,  enables  middle class families to experience large screen TV without bursting the bank Noida (NCR) May 20 2017: While big global  television brands appear to dominate the shelf space in retail outlets and malls, one tends to forget that some low key players  had 'make in India' as their mantra not today  but three decades ago. ...
Zomato declares all-safe after massive data theft
Hacker  cooperates,   withdraws  demand, says online food player, but some troubling questions remain Banagalore, May 19 2017: A day after Web-based food and restaurant  aggregator Zomato,  reported a security breach and hacking of its data  including account information of 17 million customers, it  sounded an all-clear and reassured users of no  damage  done. ...
An app to smooth the pains of parenting
Bangalore, May 17 2017: From birth to 5 years can be a challenging time—if you are the mother. You can do with all the help and advice you can get. ...

Education and e-learning
CISCO sets up IoT centre at RV Engineering College
Bangalore, April 3, 2017: The local RV College of Engineering (RVCE) and Cisco today announced the launch of a Centre of Excellence (CoE) fin Internet of Things (IoT) to give the next generation of students the digital skills and training necessary for 21st century jobs. ....
Kerala leads Open Source drive in education
 State is a leader in migrating schools system, to FOSS By Anand Parthasarathy Thiruvananthapuram, March 3 2017: Kerala's school  education system has  fully migrated to Free and Open Source software ( FOSS), making this arguably the largest  such rollout globally in the educational arena. ....

Travel & Tourism Technology
Qatar Airways beefs up its tracking technology with help from Inmarsat
 April 26 2017:  Qatar Airways has activated an advanced new space-based system, supplied by Inmarsat, to track all of its flights across the world.   Inmarsat worked exclusively with Qatar Airways to develop this cutting-edge solution, which covers its current route network of over 150 destinations worldwide, in addition to any future routes that will be introduced. ....
Accommodation Distribution System, roomsXML, is first to have mobile interface for travel agents
Bangalore, April 12 2017: roomsXML is an Accommodation Distribution System. As on 12 Apr 2017, it  offers a single feed to 94,565 global properties (3-star and above) across thousands of destinations around the world at the best available net rates. ....

LiveHealth grows to cover 450 diagnostic centres in India
April 16 2017: A Pune based health care startup founded in November 2013   has grown to cover 450 centres in 43 cities in India, serving  600,000 patients.  LiveHealth  delivers medical records to patients on their mobiles, and connects them to healthcare providers in their city,  creating a smooth and seamless  ecosystem for well being. ....
PSTakeCare is an app for that surgical journey
Bangalore, December 4 2016: Developed by Takecare Technology Pvt. Ltd,  PSTakeCare is an Android health app that provides end-to-end assistance for patients who need to undergo a surgery. The app offers a list of various surgeries and hospitals that can perform them. ....
From iWave comes a Make-in-India healthcare platform for OEMs
Bangalore, December 1 2016: The many uses of IoT  in healthcare are changing business in the  medical industry through mobile medical applications, wearable devices, telehealth systems etc. ...

Product Pulse
Smartron srt phone is a pocket rocket!
Bangalore, May  12 2017: When a smart phone  is  entirely made in India, and is inspired by Sachin Tendulkar (who is an investor in  the manufacturer, heads are bound to turn. Interestingly, the device launched by home-grown device and IoT company, Smartron, is best summed up in words used to describe Sachin – a pocket rocket. ....
Oppo F3, two timer!
The Oppo F3’s dual lens front camera not only captures your selfie, but also fits your gang into one frame Bangalore,May 8 2017: When it comes to taking selfies we all tend to get greedy and sometimes even more becomes less. Maybe that’s why mobile manufacturers are adding more and more innovations to its front camera, which has evolved from having just a VGA lens to higher resolution, and now to the latest trend of having dual lenses. ....
Viv0 V5s is a selfie specialist
By V. Sudhakshina New Delhi,April 30 2017:  So many of us have been bitten  by the selfie bug and love devices that have good front camera features, but is that enough?  A selfie-centric smartphone also needs a good processor, battery life and storage that could help you take thousands of pictures without any hurdles of app lags, low battery, and space. ...

IT's for you
  Global startup contest coming to Delhi this month
Lausanne, Switzerland, May 6 2017: Seedstars World, the global startup competition in emerging markets organised by Seedstars, brought its 2016 round to a successful close at the Seedstars Summit, hosted at the SwissTech Convention Center in Lausanne, Switzerland. ....
Speech technology expert C-Zentrix spreads its wings
New Delhi, April 26 2017: Gurgaon-headquartered communication management provider C-Zentrix,   has carved outr a niche for itself in the evolving business of  speech technologies for  contact centres.  The company  has partnered with US-based  speech analytics expert GoVivace,  to build  a  speech analytics platform  for an enhanced omni-channel customer experience platform. ....
Cool graphic designer tool
Bangalore, April 11 2017: The camera on the smartphone is turning us all, into photo artists. Suddenly, even the least artistically inclined among us, needs to tweak or clean up selfies, prepare images for Facebook covers or Twitter headers. ...
Big Data in Telecom industry, will be focus of Singapore summit
Singapore, March 26 2017: “Big data and analytics-related services continue to gain traction among local businesses, with the Asia Pacific excluding Japan market expected to grow from $3. ...
Eat, Sleep, Exercise, and Repeat!
Zebronics upgrades its fitness wearable range with the Zeb-Fit 500 Bangalore, March 18 2017: It's 2017 and wearables are going mainstream! Just like a smart-phone, fitness trackers too are being looked ujon  as a necessity. ...

IT people
  Nitin Kunkolienkar is new MAIT President
New Delhi, April 13, 2017:  Nitin Kunkolienker, Director and  Member on Board,  at Synegra EMS Ltd is to be the new President of MAIT, the apex body representing India’s IT hardware, training and R&D service sectors. Nitin has been part of the MAIT’s management team in the past and has had a string of successful associations with various industry bodies starting off with Verna Industries Association (VIA), he has also headed diverse industry and social organizations like Goa Chamber of Commerce & Industry (GCCI), Vidya Vikas Mandal (VVM), Goa Management Association (GMA) and now will be succeeding Ms Debjani Ghosh for a President’s role at MAIT. ....
Ninad Karpe to advise money management app, Slonkit
Mumbai April 13, 2017: Ninad Karpe, former MD and CEO of Aptech, has joined the Board of Sienna Systems to advise its flagship brand Slonkit, India’s first money management app linked to a physical VISA card,  that helps youngsters to learn the art of smart money management from a very early age. ....
Technopreneur Krishna Yarlagadda on board at Smartron
Bangalore, March 21, 2017: Indian tech OEM and IoT company,  Smartron,  has announced that  eminent technocrat and serial entrepreneur Krishna Yarlagadda, has come on board  as an investor and strategic advisor. ...

Best of the rest
Indian IT is dead
 Indian information technology workers might do better without the companies that held them back.....BUSINESS STANDARD April 10 2017

Ameerpet, India’s unofficial IT training hub
Ameerpet, a squeezed neighbourhood of Hyderabad has become India’s unofficial cramming-college capital. By 7.30am the place is already buzzing as 500-odd training institutes cater to over 100,000 students looking to improve their IT skills....THE ECONOMIST  March 30 2017

The curious case of Indian animation
Much of the painstakingly detailed animation for the live-action/ CGI Disney film The Jungle Book was done in the Bengaluru offices of the Soho-headquartered Moving Picture Company. The film won the Oscar for Best Visual Effects this year. A lot of the advanced computer graphics technology used to shoot the tiger scenes in Life of Pi was done in the Mumbai and Hyderabad offices of Los Angeles-based SFX company Rhythm & Hues. Life of Pi won the Best Visual Effects Oscar in 2013......Why is there such a dearth of good quality content at home when there’s so much Oscar-winning talent? THE HINDU  March 26 2017


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