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(Updated   August  28  2014)
Total no. of  phone subscriptions: 952 million
Mobiles  925 million 
Landlines: 27 million 
Total no. of PCs: 100 million 
Internet users:  220 million  including  mobile Internet 115 million
Broadband:  66 million (wired: 19 million;  mobile: 47 million)
TV owning houses: 150 million ( DTH: 54 million)

- NEW! More than half of e-tail customers do IT from mobile phones
- Sluggish Indian printer -copier business in Q 1 2014: IDC numbers
- Indian usage of video on mobile... Vuclip study
- Akamai data on Internet speeds in India and Asia
- India Internet numbers for 2014 from IAMAI

- IAMAI study on Mobile Internet in India
- Gartner study on 3-D printer market

- Worldwide  mobile usage: Ericsson study

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Mobile Internet: The India opportunity


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Yet another affordable 3G smartphone-- this time from Hitech
Indian Prime Minister Modi, launches TCS tech centre in Japan
Indian Prime Minister Modi, launches TCS tech centre in Japan
Indian doctoral student wins 2014 Marconi Society Young Scholar award for seminal Information Theory work
Indian doctoral student wins 2014 Marconi Society Young Scholar award for seminal Information Theory work
Indian doctoral student wins 2014 Marconi Society Young Scholar award for seminal Information Theory work
Watch it! That thing on your wrist could replace your phone
Personal Technologies  
Watch it! That thing on your wrist could replace your phone
Travel & Tourism Technology  

Product Pulse  
Xiaomi Redmi 1S: This phone stoops to conquer!
IT happened in India
  Indian Prime Minister Modi, launches TCS tech centre in Japan
Tokyo,Japan, September 3, 2014: Indian Prime Minister of India, S Narendra Modi inaugurated the TCS Japan Technology and Culture Academy in Japan yesterday, while on a visit to that country. The centre is aimed at enhancing the technology and cultural knowledge and understanding between Indian and Japanese IT professionals. ....
Indian doctoral student wins 2014 Marconi Society Young Scholar award for seminal Information Theory work
Bangalore, September 2, 2014 –Himanshu Asnani, a doctoral candidate at Stanford University Electrical Engineering School, has been selected to receive the 2014 Marconi Society Paul Baran Young Scholar Award, which recognizes individuals who have, at an early age, demonstrated exceptional scientific and entrepreneurial capabilities with the potential to create significant advances in telecommunications and the Internet. ....
Watch it! That thing on your wrist could replace your phone
Smart watches are more than  a phone accessory: they could soon replace the phone -- and Spice  launches a budget model that shows you how By Anand Parthasarathy Bangalore,  Serptember 1 2014: Eat your heart out Dick Tracy! The   comic strip   police  detective's  trade mark icon for thirty years from   January 1946 --  his "Two-Way Wrist Radio"  -- has  moved from  fiction to fact: Anyone with four thousand rupees to spare today,  can outdo Dick and  flaunt  his or  her, own  personal communicator. ...
On email's 32nd birthday, its inventor Ayyadurai looks back
August 31 2014:  Yesterday, was the  anniversary of the invention of email 32 years ago -- by a 14 year old Indian boy, V. ...
New HP service promises to boost Business Intelligence with Big Data
Bangalore, August 31, 2014: Hewlett Packard has announced new services which promise Merge traditional Business Intelligence with new Big Data technologies and  help enterprises transition to a more data-driven and agile   model. ...

NVIDIA beefs up 3 college CAD labs with Quadro GPU technology
Bangalore, August 11 , 2014:   NVIDIA-assisted Computer Aided Design labs in three Indian engineering colleges    are being upgraded  with  the graphical processing leader's  Quadro GPU technology. At Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology (Bangalore), JSS Academy of Technical Education (Bangalore) and Chennai Institute of Technology (CIT), Chennai,  students  can now evolve concepts, gain first-hand experience and learn key design applications around   these devices. ....
IIM Bangalore, first Indian B School to offer MOOC courses through edX
Bangalore, August 6 2014: The Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB) has become  India's first B-school to join  online education provider edX as a new Contributing Member. As IIMBx, India's leading B-school will leverage new technologies and deliver education via MOOCs (massive open online courses) to a larger population of learners from around the world within a year from now. ....

Travel & Tourism Technology
SITA develops boarding pass app for passengers' smart watches
New Delhi, August 17 2014: Airlines can now offer their passengers the chance to board their flight with a mere flick of their wrist and a  scan of their smartwatch.   SITA Lab, the development arm leading specialist in air transport communications and IT solutions, SITA, has created  a solution, providing boarding passes for Android watches via its API available now on developer. ....
Now, robot room service is here!
Stamford, Connecticut (US)  Aug 15, 2014:  Say hello, to A.L.O the world's first Botlr, sorry robotic butler.  He has just joined duty at the  Aloft Hotel, in Cupertino, California, doing both front and back of the house duties. For guests, he assumes the avatar of a robotic room service attendant,  to deliver amenities to guest rooms. ....

Product Pulse
Xiaomi Redmi 1S: This phone stoops to conquer!
 Bangalore, September 1 2014: The Redmi 1S  may disrupt the budget smart-phone segment  -- as its costlier cousin, the Mi3, did  at the high end. Five weeks ago we brought you a test report of Chinese phone maker Xiaomi's  first  handset  launched  in India -- the Mi3 --  which offered premier smartphone specs at half the  market price and caused  the website of FlipKart to crash. ....
Kingston Data Traveler Workspace: Thumb-sized office on-the-go
 This USB stick is pre-installed with a  portable version of Windows     Bangalore August 14  2014: It looks like any USB  data storage stick, albeit a little chunkier -- but looks can be deceptive. This one includes  what Microsoft calls "Windows To Go", a portable, bootable version of Windows 8,  which you can set up on any laptop or PC anywhere and convert it into a secure platform for doing your own work. ....
Acer Iconia Tab 7 (A1-713): Value over wow factor
August 11 2014: Trust Acer to  cut away the frills and  nonessentials to   deliver a  phablet that  provides  good bang for the buck. ...

IT's for you
  A value-for-money feature phone from Sunstrike: the Rage Amaze
New Delhi, August 28 , 2014: Hong Kong-based Sunstrike Telecom has launched an affordable feature phone in India -- for just Rs 1300  -- the Rage Amaze. It comes  with  a screen size of 2.4-inch, 1.3 MP camera with video recorder and a storage capacity to capture 100 text messages. ....
Synopsys IP for USB 3.0 chips are a big success
Bangalore, August 24, 2014:   Global leader in chip software and IP, Synopsys,  reports  significant success with its  DesignWare IP for USB3.0  system on a chip:  over 100 million  have been shipped. These are used in mobile computing, digital home and cloud computing applications such as smartphones, tablets, set-top boxes, digital TVs, gaming systems and servers. ....
Smartphone is 20 years old
August 16 2014: The smartphone is 20 years old today. It was  called the Simon Personal Communicator  and it was designed by IBM, made by Mitsubishi and launched on August 16 1994 -- a 23 cm long contraption that weighed half a kilogram and cost $899. ...
WOO is a new connector for urban singles
Bangalore, August 9, 2014: U2opia Mobile has  launched WOO, a smartphone app available on Android and iOS which gives users, a platform to connect with like-minded, interesting, urban singles from the same city -- educated, young, single professionals between the ages of 25-35. ...
Mitashi 50 inch 4K TV for below Rs 1 lakh
Mumbai , August 6,  2014:  Mitashi has broken the  Rs 100,000 barrier for 50 inch TVs in the new Ultra high definition 4K  format. ...

IT people
  Balaji Rajagopalan to head technology, channels at Xerox India
Bangalore,  September 3, 2014: Balaji Rajagopalan is the new Executive Director-Technology, Channels and International Distributor Operations,  for Xerox India. He replaces Vipin Tuteja who has decided to pursue his professional career outside of Xerox. ....
Kapil Manchanda to head Jabra's India operations
New Delhi, August 21, 2014: Kapil Manchanda  is the new  India Managing Director of communications and  audio solutions company, Jabra. He held key positions in organization like SONUS Network, Cisco Systems and Juniper Inc. where he was instrumental in growing business across multiple domains. ....
D-Link India's Tushar Sighat honored as CEO of the Year.
Mumbai, August 16 2014: D-Link India CEO  Tushar Sighat, has been  conferred the  title of ‘CEO of the year’ at the CMO Asia World Brand Congress 2014, held recently in Singapore. ...

Best of the rest
Huffington Post ties up with Times Group in India
The Times Group has  entered into a partnership with leading US-based news and opinion website Huffington Post,  to launch the website's Indian edition. The website is expected to be launched later this year.The combined strength of Huffington Post, which has 86 million monthly global unique visitors (desktops, comScore June 2014) and the Times Group, which has deep local knowledge and extensive reach, would compete with Indian news brands such as Firstpost and Scroll.  Times of India Aug 22 2014

4 Indians figure in top 20 extraordinary tech czars
Four Indians are among Fortune magazine’s list of 20 “extraordinary” technology czars and young entrepreneurs analysing and processing big numbers to discover information that will “transform the way businesses operate.” Fortune’s maiden ‘Big Data All-Stars’ lists the 20 extraordinary people who are “the best at connecting the dots and digging deep.”  PTI report in  Asian Age August 6 2014

Microsoft to have data centre in India
Microsoft is looking at establishing a data centre in India that would allow it to offer its cloud solutions more seamlessly to Indian businesses, and especially to the banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) sector.  Times of India August 5 2014


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