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(Updated   February 9 2016
Total no. of  phone subscriptions: 1.036 billion (1036 million)
Mobiles  1010 million 
Landlines: 26 million 
Total no. of PCs: 110 million 
Internet users:  400 million  including  mobile Internet 159  million
Broadband:  121 million
(wired: 16 million;   wireless : 105 million)
TV owning houses: 150 million ( DTH: 54 million)
DTH operators: 6;     Private TV channel  826

NEW!  India  Internet usage (IAMAI study Nov 2015)
UN Broadband Commission's STATE OF BROADBAND  report  2015 ( Sep. 2015)
India & SAARC numbers
Mobile Internet in India  IAMAI  study  July 2015
E-commerce is Indias new sun-rise industry; set to reach USD 16 billion this year: ASSOCHAM-Deloitte study
Ericsson  Study: Indian Mobile Broadband landscape ( May 2015)

Indian e-gov documents released  Dec 25 2014
- Indian usage of video on mobile... Vuclip study
- Akamai data on Internet speeds in India and Asia
- India Internet numbers for 2014 from IAMAI

- IAMAI study on Mobile Internet in India
- Gartner study on 3-D printer market


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An 'Open and shut case!: Success stories of Open Source


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Vu unveils new smart TV range with Netflix-ready button on remote
Google promotes Net security with 2 GB free storage
Google promotes Net security with 2 GB free storage
Google doodle honours Indian painter Amrita Sher-Gil
Over 200 students take part in Microsoft hackathon at IISc
IncubateHub helps nurture 'intrapreneurship'
Cisco survey finds galloping mobile traffic growth in India
Personal Technologies  
Google promotes Net security with 2 GB free storage
Travel & Tourism Technology  
'My phone before toothbrush, deo or driver's licence!'
Manipal Hospitals to harness IBM Watson for cancer care

Product Pulse  
iBall Slide Gorgeo 4GL: Affordable 4G tablet
IT happened in India
  Google promotes Net security with 2 GB free storage
Bangalore, February 10, 2016: As a token of  Google India's    support towards Safer Internet Day -- the company if offering 2GB of additional storage to users undertaking  a security checkup. From simple initiatives like simplifying security settings to making trustworthy messages easier to spot in Gmail, Google will be driving multiple initiatives to drive awareness about online safety among Indian Internet users. ....
India plumps for full Net Neutrality, no differential pricing
New Delhi, February 8 2016 ( updated  2030 hrs):  The Telecom Regulatory  Authority of India  has  banned service providers  from charging differential prices  for accessing the Internet.  In an order  released today,  TRAI has effectively closed the doors to initiatives like Facebook's   Free Basics  where  some Net sites are available for free. ....
IncubateHub helps nurture 'intrapreneurship'
Bangalore, February 8 2016:, started by 2 enthusiast engineers, Rajiv Mukherjee and Pradeep has come up with innovative solutions  to one key problem of corporate sector, hiring and retaining the right talent. ...
Home appliances -- shaken and stirred!
Coming: household gadgets with a little extra intelligence to  help  save on  bills.   From Vishnu Anand, recently in  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia February 8 2016: This is the Chinese Year of the Monkey. ...
Vu unveils new smart TV range with Netflix-ready button on remote
The Vu Iconium range  of TVs comes with with dedicated Netflix button on  remote control From V. ...

Education and e-learning
ARM & IEEE to join in creating blended learning courses in embedded technology
Bangalore,  February 4 2016: IEEE  has joined hands with semiconductor IP company ARM  to develop Embedded Systems courses for the IEEE Blended Learning Programme. The program will deliver on-line and practical training in the latest ARM technologies now proving the foundation of the embedded computing markets internationally. ....
Prepathon, is a last mile tool for learning better
Mumbai, February 3 2016: From PaGaLGuY,  pioneers of massive online education communities in the MBA education space, comes   Prepathon, a mobile based application that conquers that last mile enabling people to learn better, improve their skills and to help them achieve their goals. ....

Travel & Tourism Technology
Holiday IQ survey reveals Indian preferences in travel photography
Bangalore, January 30 2016: HolidayIQ, India’s largest travel community, recently concluded  a survey amongst its 12 million-strong traveller community  which revealed that  More than 67% prefered smartphones for capturing travel photos, 16% travellers used both smartphones and DSLRs, 11% are DSLR purists while 3% used a digital point-and-shoot camera. ....
TraveLibro app has a social networking edge
Mumbai, January 19, 2016: TraveLibro  has launched a  first out-and-out travel social networking app  that allows  you to share your experience with friends, family and fellow travelers, and cherish the most treasured moments of your travels for a lifetime. ....

Chat based fitness app Fitcircle now on Android
January 24 2016: Online portal Fitcircle has introduced a modern way to stay fit and healthy. Fitcircle, a chat- based mobile platform that encourages its users to make healthier choices and follow a healthy regime. It has a team of expert coaches , nutritionists and health advisors who offer personalized advice to users for free . ....
Healthcare... with BP monitoring
New Delhi,  January 12, 2016: Omron Healthcare has brought  two new Blood Pressure Monitors (BPM)  to India --HEM-7270 and HEM-7124  -- with inbuilt unique Intellisence Technology to inflate and deflate at the optimum level for each individual user which offers accurate reading. ....
Practo survey points to varying health concerns in different Indian cities
Bangalore December 21 2015: Leading healthcare platform Practo,  has released its annual healthcare findings, The Practo Healthcare Map of India 2015 which aims to highlight the key consumer healthcare concerns. ...

Product Pulse
iBall Slide Gorgeo 4GL: Affordable 4G tablet
The iBall Slide  Gorgeo 4GL   offers dual 4G slots & flash-assisted front camera It's  smart to go in for a 4G phone this year as almost every major provider  has announced  4G services. There's no reason why tablets  should be left behind -- and iBall's new tablet  ( iBall Slide Gorgeo 4GL)  the   throws in dual 4G SIM slots for good measure. ....
ASUS Zenfone Zoom: Smile! You are on Zen Camera!
With a  DSLR quality camera, the ASUS Zenfone Zoom takes smartphone photography to the next level By V. Sudhakshina Bangalore, February 1 2016: When you think of professional photography, you  imagine a big, bulky Digital SLR camera with separate lenses for different types of shots. ....
Ambrane A3-770: Starter's special
The  Ambrane A3-770  is a good  tablet deal for first time users on a tight budget Bangalore, January 25 2016: If you are looking  to experience a Tablet PC for the first time with all the standard functionality  but  minus  any pricey  bells-n-whistles,  the Ambrane A3-770 is a great place to start. ...

IT's for you
  The dollars and sense of cyber attacks -- and what to do to protect your company
It used to be for kicks -- now it's for big bucks Singapore, February 7, 2016: Next-gen security solutions  company, Palo Alto Networks,  has published results of a survey which explore the economics of cyberattacks. The report titled “Flipping the Economics of Attacks,” provides insight into topics like the average earnings of a cyberattacker, the amount of time attacks typically take, and how to prevent successful data breaches by increasing the cost of conducting them. ....
Portronics launches dual output power bank
New Delhi, February 7 2016: Portable and digital devices maker  Portronics  has launched a new portable power device called; “Velocity” with a large  10400 mAh battery capacitywhich allows the user to charge their device(s) multiple time(s) throughout. ....
Frontech launches 2 new power banks
Bangalore, February 7 2016:  IT peripherals player, Frontech has  introduced new  Power Banks with 6600mAh and 8000mAh battery capacities that are both eye catching and functional. ...
Aqua launches aggressively priced 3G smart phone
New Delhi, January 31, 2016: Aqua Mobiles has  introduced ‘Aqua 3G 512’, a dual The phone boasts of hardware such as its 1. ...
Ziox extends its market for Made in India phones to Karnataka
Bangalore, January 27, 2016:  Ziox Mobiles, from Sun Airvoice Pvt. Ltd, has announced its entry into Karnataka with the launch of  a slate of  attractively priced smart phones in the state. ...

IT people
  Mukund Sharma is new EVP at Lukup Media
Bangalore, February 03, 2016- Lukup Media, India’s first converged TV and Internet access provider has appointed Mukund Sharma as its Executive Vice-President.  He will be heading the content, services and commerce verticals. Mukund is an industry veteran with over fifteen years of experience in the field of content management, business development, advertising, sales and strategy. ....
Vishal Agrawal to head Avaya in India & SAARC
New Delhi, January 30, 2016:  Vishal Agrawal is the new  Managing Director, India and SAARC for unified  communications leader, Avaya. With more than 10 years’ experience at Avaya, Agrawal has played a critical role in the company’s development in India, scaling the India Services Operations, setting up the operations leadership team, and driving revenue growth. ....
Rostow Ravanan to take over as CEO, Mindtree
Bangalore, January 18 2016: Rostow Ravanan   will take over as the CEO and Managing Director of  Mindtree  from April. ...

Best of the rest
Facebook loses a battle in India over Its Free Basics programme
For years, Mark Zuckerberg has had a grander vision than just connecting the more than one billion people who already useFacebook: He wants to connect the entire world.That effort hit a major roadblock on Monday, when Indian regulators banned free mobile data programs that favor some Internet services over others....New York Times February 9 2016

Fix Bangalore infrastructure and industry will stay
It is surprising and unfortunate that the Karnataka government is still refusing to face the reality that the state, and its showpiece, Bengaluru, do not offer the right environment for starting and running a business. The government is not ready even to accept its responsibility for creating the right conditions for business and industry to thrive..... DECCAN HERALD  Leader  January 23 2016

Amazon invades India
How Jeff Bezos aims to conquer the next “trillion-dollar market. The inside story.   Fortune magazine January 2016


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