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(Updated    September 7 2017
Total no. of  phone subscriptions: 1.235billion (1235 million)
Mobiles    1211 million 
Landlines: 24 million 
Total no. of PCs: 150 million 
Internet users:  400 million  including  mobile Internet 159  million
Broadband:   296 million
(wired:  20 million;   wireless : 276 million)
TV owning houses: 150 million ( DTH: 54 million)
DTH operators: 6;     Private TV channel  826

NEW!  Cisco Visual Networking Index 2017...the India numbers
Mary Meeker  Internet Trends Report. 2017 
GSMA study: Mobile Economy of India 2016
Ericsson Mobility Report 2016: India findings
2016 FICCI-KPMG report on Media and Entertainment industry in India


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5G technology being tried out t multiple Indian test beds
Razorpay launches revamped and comprehensive digital payments solution
Razorpay launches revamped and comprehensive digital payments solution
Google scientist Ananda Theertha to get 2017 Marconi Society Young Scholar award
Razorpay launches revamped and comprehensive digital payments solution
Google scientist Ananda Theertha to get 2017 Marconi Society Young Scholar award
Advertising industry gears itself for Diwali 2017
Personal Technologies  
Advertising industry gears itself for Diwali 2017
Travel & Tourism Technology  
Banking & financial sector summit will bring industry leaders to Mumbai
Avaya hackathon helps to identify innovation in healthcare and insurance

Product Pulse  
Samsung launches external solid state drives
IT happened in India
  Razorpay launches revamped and comprehensive digital payments solution
Bangalore, September 22, 2017: Digital payments specialist, Razorpay  has launched a revamped and more comprehensive edition of  its flagship solution, Razorpay 2.0, that is equipped to resolve all business problems related to the payments ecosystem In its new form, it includes four new products, Razorpay Route, Razorpay Smart Collect, Razorpay Subscriptions and Razorpay Invoice and addresses challenges, such as managing cash flows, disbursement of money, automating NEFT and bank wires and collection of scheduled payments. ....
Advertising industry gears itself for Diwali 2017
By  Nikita Veerabhadraiah Bangalore, September 20 2017:The festival of lights, the festival of happiness, the festival of joy is around the corner. What does this mean for the advertising industry? For starters, let’s just say the ad folks are gearing up to swirl with a huge storm. ....
Google leverages neural networks to sharpen instant translation between 9 Indian languages
After latest additions last week, to its Translate app,  phone  users can carry out  a bilingual conversation  with on-the fly translation Bangalore, September 20 2017: Users  who have been trying out Google's translation tool on its website for some years, might have noticed a sharp improvement in recent months. ...
WhatApp gets down to business
Indian businesses are using the messaging tool  so successfully that owner, Facebook,  wants  a piece of  the cake. ...
5G technology being tried out t multiple Indian test beds
Bangalore, September 15 2017: Though the roll out may be two years and more away, India is gearing up for the 5G era in communications, said Union Telecom Secretary, Aruna Sundararajan. ...

Education and e-learning
TI Innovation contest showcases student prowess
Bangalore, July 30, 2017:  Sri Ramakrishna Institute of Technology College, Coimbatore  has won Chairman’s Award for the best innovative product for the Texas Instruments India Innovation Challenge Design Contest 2016 with their entry:Watchdog for agricultural farms. ....
Play games and learn the Playablo way!
Bangalore, July 20, 2017: Playablo, a Bangalore-based startup that provides  gamified learning and skill assessment platform for CBSE and ICSE students of grades 1 to 5, has tied up with Unnati, a Bangalore-based NGO  to help re-skill young adults. ....

Travel & Tourism Technology
McAfee study points to dangers of public Wifi while on holiday
Digital Detox – Unwind, Relax and Unplug Before consumers head out to enjoy their holidays,  they need  to understand the risks and threats associated with using internet-connected when travelling and how to avoid them. Bangalore, July 20 2017: According to a recent McAfee study, Digital Detox: Unwind, Relax and Unplug, only 43% of survey respondents went on vacation in the last year with the intent to unplug. ....
The future role of technology in travel and tourism hinges on AI, AR, VR and mobile apps
  Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will hugely improve destination marketing -- but will not substitute for real, live tourists. Tourism websites  are nearing the end of their utility -- as mobile apps becoming all-consuming July 8 2017: Outgoing World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) President & CEO David Scowsill has shared what he sees are the trends shaping the future of Travel & Tourism, with  TravelNews Daily. ....

Aster healthcare group launches an app for the Golden Hour
New Delhi, May 28, 2017: Leading  India and UAE healthcare chain Aster, has launched an app  that aims to save lives during the so-called Golden Hour. The Aster Emergency App ( Android link here)  provides a real-time interface between the patient in emergency and a GPS-enabled Aster ‘Responder’. ....
LiveHealth grows to cover 450 diagnostic centres in India
April 16 2017: A Pune based health care startup founded in November 2013   has grown to cover 450 centres in 43 cities in India, serving  600,000 patients.  LiveHealth  delivers medical records to patients on their mobiles, and connects them to healthcare providers in their city,  creating a smooth and seamless  ecosystem for well being. ....
PSTakeCare is an app for that surgical journey
Bangalore, December 4 2016: Developed by Takecare Technology Pvt. Ltd,  PSTakeCare is an Android health app that provides end-to-end assistance for patients who need to undergo a surgery. ...

Product Pulse
Samsung launches external solid state drives
Samsung  Solid state external storage  is very small and very fast -- but  you have to pay a hefty premium for this Bangalore, September 20 2017:  The age-old  debate over  hard drive-versus- solid state drive  has been settled --or so we thought. ....
Vivo V7 Plus goes beyond infinity!
Bangalore, September 11 2017: Slowly but surely smartphone makers are joining the bandwagon of devices with less body and more display. The most recent  is Vivo with its V7Plus. We got our hands on this device and we think it has a lot more to offer than just the display. ....
CoolPlay 6 has memory on steroids
Amidst the hullabaloo of flagship phones and huge brand names,  comes a device that is set to sneakily impress you September 4 2017: There's always that guy in class who is least noisy, doesn't participate in sports day competitions, and doesn't ask doubts in class, but come judgment day,  this fellow is among the top 5 high scorers in the class. ...

IT's for you
  CDO Converge to focus on Digital Marketing in Mumbai next month
Mumbai, September 5 2017: Kamikaze B2B Media  brings CDO Converge & Digital Industry Award  to Taj Lands End, Mumbai on October  4 2017. The theme of this year’s conference is “The Digital Workplace at the Heart of the CDO Agenda” and the focus  is on the Chief Digital Officer , a key digital marketing enabler in any corporation. ....
Keyless car entry is here
Technology that has been available in pricier personal  vehicles, may soon trickle down to every car -- and your mobile phone will be the key tool. Bangalore, August 29 2017: Indian car  owners  are getting used to keyless car entry. Select vehicles -- mostly  high end sedans and SUVs   have been offering smart key options which allow you to open the car and even start the ignition,  with the press of a button, as long you have the keys with you. ....
For the record re Infosys management crisis
Due to the historic and unprecedented developments at Infosys today, We bring you all the rtelevant documents released by the company. ...
Singapore to host global Big data & analytics summit in October
August 9 2017:  Come October, Singapore  will see a summit on Big Data Analytics & Effective Customer Experience Management (CEM) Strategy in Financial Services. ...
New tool for customer journey analytics from [24]7
San Jose, California (USA), August 3, 201: Global customer engagements specialists - [24]7 -  has added  [24]7 Customer Journey Analytics to its products and services portfolio. ...

IT people
  Infosys co-founder Narayanamurthy honoured
Bangalore, September 5  2017: Infosys co-founder N.R Narayana Murthy  has been honoured  with PLuS Alliance Prize ­– a prestigious honour that recognises Research Innovation, Education Innovation, Global Leadership and Global Innovation. ....
Sudipto Gupta is new CEO of MRO-TEK
Bangalore, September 5  2017: MRO-TEK Realty Ltd   has  announced  the appointment of the former Country Director of Wistron Corp’s Indian operations, Sudipto Gupta as Chief Executive Officer effective this month. In his stint at Wistron Corp’s Indian operations, Gupta had several notable achievements to his credit such as executing and managing a complex national distribution network for one of the Top 3 PC brands and setting up Wistron Corp’s Indian operations’ first owned, high-tech manufacturing plant for a global tech giant at Peenya in Bangalore. ....
Samir Dhar is new Virtusa President
Bangalore, August 22 2017: Samir Dhar is the new President of  global provider of information technology (IT) consulting and outsourcing services, Virtusa Corporation. ...

Best of the rest
Sarahah Creator Is Thankful Of Indians Who Taught Him Programming & Proud They're Using The App
The Saudi Arabian developer who created the app, Zain al-Abdin Tawfiq, says he was actually set on his way by Indian programmers.  INDIA TODAY August 16 2017

Government asks Google, Facebook, WhatsApp to remove BlueWhale suicide dare
To ensure the safety of people on the internet, especially of children, the Indian government has asked social media and internet giants like Facebook, Google, WhatsApp, Instagram among others to get rid of the links to the 'Blue Whale' suicide game. FINANCIAL EXPRESS August 16 2017

Layoff fear creates opportunities for online professional courses
As Indian IT services companies gear up to embrace new technologies like automation, artificial intelligence, big data and cloud to meet client demands, the need for reskilling and upskilling is growing. Over the years, the IT industry has faced the challenge of finding right talent as the technology landscape is undergoing rapid changes.Betting big on this opportunity, a group of online learning and education start-ups are providing digital courses to individual employees and corporates to help them get skilled and become future-ready employees. These companies provide both offline and online curricula that enable working professionals pursue various courses....THE HINDU  June 18 2017


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