FedEx, crafts a special tool to navigate complexities of import processes in India

25th April 2024
 FedEx, crafts a special tool to navigate complexities of import processes in India

By Anand Parthasarathy

Global  express transportation giant, FedEx Express (FedEx), a subsidiary of Memphis, Tennessee (US)-headquartered FedEx, has unveiled a special tool to address the increasing complexities and volumes of imports in India.

Called the FedEx Import Tool (FiT), and developed in India, the tool aims to transform the import process, enhancing efficiency, compliance, and the overall end-to-end shipment journey.

The company plans to release it in other FedEx markets globally in a phased manner.

The single-window platform includes:

  • A unified self-service platform to streamline the shipping process by centralizing document management and shipment tracking.
  • A dashboard for greater visibility into every stage of the import shipments.
  • Proactive notifications to expedite the clearance process and minimize delays.
  • A secure portal for the easy upload of KYC and customs clearance related documents, ensuring compliance and efficiency.
  • A direct payment feature for paying customs duties and taxes online.
  • Round-the-clock monitoring allows shippers and importers to track their shipments up to 90 days after pickup.

FiT  “stands as a testament to the local innovation aimed at addressing global challenges”, says a Fedex release.

The launch is stated to be driven by a significant 12.2 percent increase in merchandise imports into India, reaching USD 60.11 billion in February 2024 from USD 54.4 billion in January of the previous year. Left unsaid is possibly why such tool is required specifically for India in the first place:  the plethora and complexity of import regulations that  must be met to send goods into India

Nitin Navneet Tatiwala, Vice President of FedEx, Marketing, Middle East, Indian Sub-continent, and Africa (MEISA says: “Innovation that surpasses customer expectations is at the heart of everything we do. Understanding customer pain points has guided the development of FiT, ensuring we use the latest technology and automation to address their specific needs. FiT is poised to simplify and accelerate the import processes, providing businesses with enhanced efficiency, transparency, and reliability. This not only equips them to compete but also win in today’s competitive global landscape.”

The tool can be accessed here: FedEx Import Tool (FiT) | FedEx India.
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