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(Updated  June 8 , 2023
Total no. of  phone subscriptions: 1.178 billion (1178 million)
Mobiles:    1148million    Landlines: 30million 
Broadband Internet users:    860 million  including  mobile Internet 800 million
and wired broadband 40 million.  

TV owning houses: 210 million  
DTH operators: 6;     Private TV channel  900
NEW! Internet in India 2022: IAMAI report May 2023
FICCI-EY India Media and Entertainment report 2023. Full report in this link
India Space Policy 2023
NASSCOM India AI skills study Feb. 2023
Broadband  redefined in India
ASER annual school education report 2022 
Ericsson Mobility Report November 2022
 Digital Personal Data Protection Bill, 2022
Draft Telecom Bill 2022 text September 2022
Internet in India the  2021 numbers, from the July 2022 IAMAI study
GOI Guidelines for intermediaries and Digital media ethics code  2021
Smart Homes in India study July 2022
India Media and Entertainment report 2022- PwC 
India Media and Entertainment report 2021 - EY-FICCI
Vision Document for the electronics sector January 2022

India semiconductor  notified  (December 2021)
 Indian Drone Rules notified  August 25 2021
KPMG Media and Entertainment Report 2020. Read full report
Ericsson Mobility Report Dec 2020 
25 years of Internet in India. The numbers

Feb 28 2019: TRAI  White paper on  5G in India

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Making Data Centres greener: A Sustainable approach for organizations


Useful Links

Apple’s Newly Unveiled ‘Vision Pro’ Headset: Nerdy Niche Product Or Next Wave of Connected Consumer Devices?
With launch of 2nd-generation NavIC satellite, India signals resolve to control its own Positioning Systems
Apple’s Newly Unveiled ‘Vision Pro’ Headset: Nerdy Niche Product Or Next Wave of Connected Consumer Devices?
In the fight to save the Environment, AI emerges as the secret weapon
With launch of 2nd-generation NavIC satellite, India signals resolve to control its own Positioning Systems
As India hitches its digital economy to the Cloud, global service provider, AWS, finds local synergies
Apple’s Newly Unveiled ‘Vision Pro’ Headset: Nerdy Niche Product Or Next Wave of Connected Consumer Devices?
Personal Technologies  
Bank of Baroda enables cardless cash withdrawal at its ATMs using UPI
Travel & Tourism Technology  
India should discourage private car ownership, redesign streets and parking, suggests Uber mobility study
Technology meets Ayurveda at new Centre of Excellence of IIT Jodhpur

Product Pulse  
Sony WH-CH720N: their lightest active noise cancelling over-ear headphones
IT happened in India
  Apple’s Newly Unveiled ‘Vision Pro’ Headset: Nerdy Niche Product Or Next Wave of Connected Consumer Devices?
By Anand Parthasarathy June 8 2023: Hardened technology trackers have learned from past experience that when it comes to those rare disruptive Apple launches, first impressions usually turn out to be wrong.   No matter how outrageously priced and  even underwhelming at first glance, a fiercely loyal public could quickly turn them into iconic ‘must-have’ personal technology devices The iPhone was not the first smartphone in the market when Apple unveiled it in 2007. ....
With launch of 2nd-generation NavIC satellite, India signals resolve to control its own Positioning Systems
By Anand Parthasarathy June 7, 2023:  The successful May 29 launch of NVS-01, the first  of India’s second-generation navigation satellites  of the  NavIC or Navigation with Indian Constellation  class  is a significant milestone for multiple reasons. ....
Bank of Baroda enables cardless cash withdrawal at its ATMs using UPI
Mumbai, June 6, 2023: Bank of Baroda  has announced the launch of Interoperable Cardless Cash Withdrawal (ICCW) facility using UPI on its ATMs. ...
In the fight to save the Environment, AI emerges as the secret weapon
World Environment Day Special By Anand Parthasarathy June 5 2023: Management guru Peter Drucker said it succinctly, decades ago: “If you can't measure it, you can't manage it”, an adage that dovetails with a more modern mantra: “Data is the new oil”. ...
India PC market fell by 35%, but rebound expected, says Canalys
June 5 2023: According to the latest data from tech analyst Canalys, the Indian PC market (desktops, notebooks and tablets) suffered a major year-on-year decline of 35%, with 3. ...

Education and e-learning
Edureka & IIT Guwahati join to conduct Cloud Computing programme
Chennai, June 2, 2023: Edureka to launch a brand new course in Advanced Certification Programme in Cloud Computing in collaboration with IIT Guwahati’s E&ICT Academy. Being a practical and highly engaging in nature, this course offers hands-on training on cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. ....
Coventry University to set up India Hub, announces new regional head
May 31, 2023: Coventry University Group has appointed Leena Arora Kukreja as the Regional Managing Director of its new India Hub, which is due to open later this year.  Leena will be the most senior representative of the university group in the region and will lead the hub’s opening and the development of new collaborations. ....

Travel & Tourism Technology
Hotels gear up, as Indians opt for Spiritual Tourism.
May 25 2023: Pilgrimage tourism has rebounded in the nation of multiple faiths after two consecutive years of Covid-induced curbs, prompting hotel companies and service providers to build new and premium facilities at religious sites traditionally known for spartan accommodation, report Economic Times and Hindustan Samachar. ....
All within 2 weeks, Kerala’s backwaters, experience Triumph & Tragedy
May 21,2023:  Kerala backwaters saw a major achievemement with the inauguration of Kochi Water Metro service last month. But this was followed earlier this month  by a tragic accident in a tourist boat in Tanur,Malappuram which claimed 22 lives. ....

LifeSigns launches ‘Continuum Care’ enabling wireless monitoring of patients in ambulances and homes
April 15, 2023: Chennai-based health-tech startup, LifeSigns iMS (a brand by LS Devices Pvt. Ltd.), has developed a revolutionary continuum care solution that allows patients to be monitored wirelessly and in real-time, regardless of their location. This Biosensor has 21 USA Patents and global accreditation. ....
Made-in-India AI-based breast cancer detection tool makes waves worldwide
April 8, 2023: Can advanced technologies may replace doctors in some roles? A New York Times article last month reported on some success  with A.I. software to spot  breast cancer in women, even  as doctors debate whether the technology will replace them in medical jobs. ....
Medical smartwatch CardiacSense gets, Indian, US approvals
February 22,2023: MedTech solutions provider Xplore Health, has  received approval from the Indian Regulatory Authority CDSCO (Central Drug Standard Control Organization) under the Health Ministry of India for its medical watch CardiacSense. ...

Product Pulse
Sony WH-CH720N: their lightest active noise cancelling over-ear headphones
By Anand Parthasarathy April 16, 2023: I had the opportunity to try out a very recent model of a wireless active noise cancelling over-the-ear headphone – Sony’s WH-CH720N -- which the company has recently launched in India. The electronics of noise cancelling are all-digital these days, the chips that do the work are smaller, lighter and faster – which means they don’t call for a pair of penlight sized batteries, but use a tiny rechargeable Lithium-ion cell. ....
Wear your health checker!
World Health Day special April 8, 2023:The Covid years pushed many people into monitoring their own health to the extent possible: and in a canny response to this opportunity, the wearable device industry has built basic health parameter checks into almost every smartwatch now in the market – with varying degrees of functionality. ....
Zebronics launches smart movie projector
Chennai, Dec 18, 2022: With an aim to provide the best visual experience, India’s pioneer brand in IT Peripherals and Audio Systems, Zebronics has launched a premium projector, ZEB-PixaPlay 17. ...

IT's for you
  World CX summit saw call for data democratization
Gurgaon, NCR, May  17 2023: The recently concluded  10th global edition of World CX Summit in Gurgaon  brought government leaders and an inspirational line-up of experts and solution providers together to discuss the latest challenges and explore the latest applications in data powered solutions. ....
Password Security: Don’t let it pass
By Karmendra Kohli, CEO & Director,  SecurEyes, a pure-play cybersecurity consulting service May 4 2023. Today  is World Password Day. Passwords have been used since ancient times. Sentries would challenge those wishing to enter a protected area to give a ‘watchword’ before allowing them entry. ....
CX Summit brings tech industry leaders together
April 27, 2023: The 10th Global Edition of the World CX Summit, organized by Trescon, opens today at The Westin Gurgaon, New Delhi – NCR. ...
Mylasandra Lake restored by Malligavad Foundation -- with some help from Salesforce
Bangalore, April 20, 2023: In celebration of Earth Month, the Malligavad Foundation reports the successful restoration of Mylasandra Lake in Bangalore, which was supported by a donation from Salesforce. ...
Focus on customer centricity using AI interface in personal banking will be the future
By Alok Bansal Managing Director and  Global Head of BFSI Business Visionet Systems India March 28, 2023: The relationship between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the banking industry was evolving even before the onset of COVID-19 but post the disruptive events of the pandemic, all industries began to assess options and explore ways to reduce liabilities, increase compatibility with customer expectations and protect assets. ...

IT people
  Dr Anand Agrawal, new Executive Director of ISBR Business School
Bangalore, May 27 2023: ISBR Business School  has announced the appointment of Dr. Anand Agrawal as the new Executive Director. He brings over 20 years of extensive industry and academic experience across five countries, making him an invaluable addition to the ISBR team. ....
Harsha Kumar takes over as CEO at Prodapt
April11, 2023: Prodapt, the largest specialized player in the connectedness industry, has announced the elevation of Harsha Kumar to Chief Executive Officer. Harsha takes over from Founder and CEO Vedant Jhaver, who will serve as the Chairman of Prodapt. ....
Amit Agrawal to head Clover Infotech in the Americas
Mumbai,  April 1, 2023:  Clover Infotech, a leading Oracle partner and technology services firm,  has announced the appointment of Amit Agrawal as the new Chief Executive Officer for Clover Infotech Americas Inc. ...

Best of the rest
Draconian rules: (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Amendment Rules, 2023
Without a right to appeal or the allowance for judicial oversight, the government cannot sit on judgment on whether any information is “fake” or “false” as the power to do so can be misused to prevent questioning or scrutiny by media organisations...The government being the arbiter on what constitutes “false” or “fake” news and having the power to act upon platforms for publishing these will amount to draconian censorship.Editorial in The Hindu, April 10 2023

Policy on Satcom needs more deliberation
The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) should tread carefully while formulating the rules for auctioning spectrum for satellite-based communication services. While an auction mechanism brings in transparency into the spectrum allocation process, no other country has attempted to sell airwaves for satellite services.  Editorial in Hindu Businessline January 5 2023

If you want to know how dangerous Elon Musk is, look outside America
..The real threat in much of the world is not the policies of social media companies, but of governments. Nowhere is that clearer than in India, where before Musk’s acquisition, Twitter had been fighting a legal battle to protect its users from government censorship.. New York Times, reprodiced in Deccan Herald November 14 2022



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