Bringing tech to farming...

13th December 2018
 Bringing tech to farming...

Bangalore December  18 2018: Krishna Kumar founded Ag-Tech start-up, CropIn Technology, in August 2010, along with co-founders Kunal Prasad and Chittranjan Jena. The trio went on to develop a state of the art, innovative solutions system to address several pain points of various stakeholders in the agricultural ecosystem globally. Today, CropIn is one of the leading Agri-Tech companies that provide SaaS based services to agribusinesses globally, with the vision to maximize per acre value and the mission to make every farm traceable. With robust solutions that are crop and region agnostic, CropIn has digitized over 1.8 million acres of farmland, enriching the lives of 500,000 + farmers while working with 125+ clients.
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From a small bootstrapped start-up that originated in a single-room office in Bangalore’s Indiranagar locality, CropIn has now reached a stage where it has raised a funding of $ 4 million till date. 
CropIn's SmartFarm, provides step by step guidance through management of standard package of practices, adherence to compliance and certification, as well as pest and crop health management. 
The company has been helping agribusinesses and farmers in developing and developed nations across the globe to export sustainably grown food, feed and fibre through Mwarehouse, a comprehensive solution for pack house, processing and export companies.
Karnataka, Andhra  partnerships
A project has been initiated by the Department of Agriculture, Government of Karnataka, in partnership with  CropIn Technology Solutions. With an aim to help farmers create more value for their crops and foster their socio-economic development, the project spans across 20 districts of Karnataka. It will facilitate  farm managers to advise farmers in following the right package of practices across crops such as paddy, millets, gram and groundnut. This joint initiative will soon be scaled up to assist 4.15 lakh farmers and cover over 34,000  acres of land.
In a similar outreach, CropIn had previously collaborated with the Department of Horticulture (DOH), Andhra Pradesh, in 2017 to digitize farms under two Farmer Producer Organizations (FPO) in the districts of Chittoor and Krishna. Through this partnership, the DOH set out to build a platform for collaboration, increase the productivity of farmers and facilitate right market access for the farm produce. The underlying mission is to work towards doubling farming income by 2022, in line with the Government of India's vision for the agri-sector. In its first stage, the project covers over 210 acres of land, assisting 520+ farmers. After a successful run with two FPOs during the first year, the collaboration is now being scaled up to cover 50 FPOs.