YotaPhone, world's first dual screen LCD-e-paper phone fuelled by software from Symphony Teleca.

17th January 2013
YotaPhone, world's first  dual screen LCD-e-paper phone fuelled by software from Symphony Teleca.

Bangalore, Jan.17, 2013-  It  was hailed as one of very few mobile phone innovations previewed  at the just concluded Consumer Electronic s Show at Las Vegas. It will have its formal global launch at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month, and YotaPhone --the first  mobile handset to  offer a  an LCD touch screen on one side and an electronic paper display on the other  -- runs software developed and optimised by the Indian- innovation-driven Symphony Teleca Corporation.

Symphony Teleca will provide Android platform expertise to improve power management and to optimize and enhance the overall product software architecture, especially for EPD technology integration.

The two displays, which have different functions and different purposes, are linked together to open a new world of unlimited user experiences. Users will be able to read long news articles and social networking updates and display photos, stock quotes etc on the EPD without draining the phone’s battery or having to constantly “wake up” their smartphones. Images on the EPD can be displayed even if the battery is empty. Indian airports recently allowed passengers to show their tickets or boarding passes on phones, rather than carrying printouts. A product like the YotaPhone will make this very easy since the boarding pass image can be  preserved on the e-paper display and displayed without having to   click through the phone controls
Says Vlad Martynov, CEO of the Russia-based, Yota Devices: “Y
otaPhone will change the way users interact and manage information with their phones, and we needed  a partner who truly understands the complexities of mobile software development.  YotaPhone presents a number of new engineering challenges specific to multi-screen operation and optimization, including power management. After an extensive analysis, we determined that Symphony Teleca was  the best software development partner based on its global leadership in Android and ability to ideate and execute quickly and inventively.”“Today if you want to check your email, calendar or social media page, you have to pick up your smartphone, turn it on, open the application and only then can you receive the information. With YotaPhone, this information will appear on the EPD effortlessly, continuously and updated in real time,” adds Martynov..
Adds Sanjay Dhawan, President and CEO, Symphony Teleca: “We are seeing a world of innovative connected experiences come to market across a number of industries today including retail, automotive, healthcare and telecom, and this is an outstanding example of ingenuity being applied to a very exciting and competitive smartphone space.  “We are very proud to have been selected as Yota’s product development partner for this groundbreaking smartphone and we look forward to a long and successful partnership.

Symphony Teleca is headquartered in Palo Alto, California ( US) annd is  the world’s first services company dedicated exclusively to helping clients manage the global convergence of software, the cloud and connected devices. The company is fuelled largely by Indian leadership and with significant R&D strengths in India.
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