Tech startup Muse Wearables unveils world-first smart ring with health and payment features

01st September 2023
Tech startup Muse Wearables unveils world-first  smart ring with health and payment features

Chennai, September 1, 2023: Indian tech start-up Muse Wearables has developed a smart ring equipped with advanced health tracking and ‘on the go payments’ (Contactless payments) in addition to cuff-less blood pressure measurement. Called ‘Ring One’, it represents a breakthrough innovation in wearable technology.
The product is all set for launch on September 27 2023 globally and on October 25 2023 in India. The product’s website is now open for Pre-reservations.
Ring One is completely designed and manufactured in India. Muse has partnered with its contract manufacturers in India to set up its manufacturing lines for the Ring One and the products are already in the mass production stage. This makes Ring One a truly “Designed and Made in India product.”
Ring One is more than just a health measurement device. It offers the convenience of “tap to pay.” With a simple wave of the palm, Ring One can complete transactions with ease. Muse has partnered with some of the biggest payment networks including Mastercard, VISA and Rupay to make payments with the Ring accessible to everyone across the world. The payments will be live in India, USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Singapore and U.A.E.  
Born out of the IIT Madras Incubation Cell, Muse Wearables sells the world’s first payment-enabled hybrid smartwatches and is based out of Bengaluru with registered offices in Chennai, Singapore and USA. It currently caters to nearly 30 countries through ‘Direct to Consumer’ Business Model (selling products through online platforms directly to the consumer).
K.L.N. Sai Prasanth, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Conzumex Industries, which operates the brand ‘Muse Wearables,’ said, “The innovative technology that has gone into Ring One makes the benchmark for the Smart Ring Industry all over the world. With its one-of-a-kind “Turn wheel” interface and the charging case’s all-new “Magic Glyph” interface, Ring One offers a truly unique experience that sets it apart from any other competitor smart ring in the market.”

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