No, it's not Neyyappam but Nougat!

04th July 2016
No, it's not Neyyappam but Nougat!

Google names next version  of Android and inspite of vigorous lobbying for that delectable south Indian sweet, Neyyapam, it turned out to be another American favourite: nougat, the stuff of chocolate bars.

July 4, 2016:  Android N (currently in Developer Preview status) is now Android Nougat! It's the 12th nicknamed version of Android and will be released to the public in the  autumn of 2016.  Key new features:

  • Android Nougat introduces a split-screen multi-window mode, in which two apps can be snapped to occupy halves of the screen
  • Seamless updates are also introduced, following  Chrome OS.  Software updates will be able to install in the background and run with only a reboot. This is possible because of the introduction of two system partitions, one for use and the other for updates.|
  • A new "Data Saver" mode restricts background mobile data usage, and can trigger internal functions in apps that are designed to reduce bandwidth usage, such as capping the quality of streaming media among other examples
  • A new set of human emoji was also included in this version of the preview, with support for skin tones

For a few days we carry the Android naming video in our Tech  video spot on the home page.  Later you can find it here.
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