ArrayShield's 2-factor authentication solution, now an appliance

05th May 2013
ArrayShield's  2-factor authentication solution,   now an appliance

Chennai, May 6 2013: Just a year after launching an innovative 2-factor  authentication  (2FA) solution that goes way beyond the protection offered by the ubiquitous user name-password combo, Chennai –based ArrayShield,  has  turned the  solution into a virtual appliance that one can carry in one’s pocket.

The user has to remember a pattern instead of password as his secret. Based on the remembered pattern and a unique translucent card (ArrayCard),  the user derives a one-time password for each transaction. This simple process ensures that only authorized personnel are able to access the system and protects users' identities from being intercepted or stolen. It provides high level of security against various hacking attacks like key loggers, screen loggers, dictionary Attack, phishing, replay attacks  etc.  The concept is not easy to explain – so we have uploaded an explanatory video on our home page,
IDAS 2FA Virtual Appliance is designed to suppo ranging from SMEs to large corporations. ArrayShield’s patent protected authentication technology has won multiple awards and recognitions at global level for its pioneering innovation including recognition as  one of the Top 100 fastest growing companies in Asia by Red Herring in 2011, winner of  the Nasscom Emerge 50 Honour in 2012.