All chip shape

09th August 2015
All chip shape

August 10 2015: The  Intel Xeon E-7 version 3  family of  processors ( see chip and die above)  which was launched recently, is  a key building block   for tomorrow's  supercomputing challenges. It  has up to 18 cores and 36 separate compute threads. 
It can gobble up to 12 terabytes of RAM memory  and  at 2.5 GHz is  the zippiest  HPC  chip currently available, made for a  petaflop  era.  (one peta flop is 1000 teraflops or floating point operations per second) . 
And like every Xeon  chip across 3 generations and 7 iterations, the E-7 v.3  has a strong 'India connection'.

India's footprint on the Top500 list of the world's most powerful computers,  has  increased  marginally this year from 9 to 11 systems .... and all of them -- including  the Centre of Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC)'s  India- designed and built  Param Yuva-II  ( see in picture above) --are built around the ( earlier)  Intel Xeon E-5 chip.