Pocket power

11th May 2015
Pocket power

May 11 2015: Here's a rundown of the best and brightest  among recent  mobile powerbank launches in India. This complements our special feature -- "Stepney Power" where we discuss the current state of the art.

  • The retail chain Essot, has launched an ultra slim, credit card shaped Power Bank PwerHorsez2600C, which fits into any wallet. The  2600 mAh card has a retractable  micro USB cable and a charge indicator.  Rs 499  from online  vendors.   Essot has also launched another model with the same rating and price,   which comes with a suction cup, so you can keep it attached to your phone body.
  • Another credit card  sized model,  is  the BPR 25M  from Boat, a  1 Amp featherweight at 58 grams and coming in 6 colours. Boat also has a larger capacity  model BPR 88 Power Bank  with a 3400 mAh rating that has 2 USB ports to charge two phones at the same time. The current rating is also higher -- 2A ( Rs 3299)
  • ADATA's PV120 Power Bank packs 5100 mAh, does double duty: you can either use a single 2A input for faster charging or twin 1A ports to charge two phones. The leather-textured PV120 supports simultaneous charge and discharge ie it can charge itself even as it discharges into phones.( Rs 2100).
  • For its capacity -- 7800 mAh -- the  ‘Quantum Hi-Tech  QHMPL  powerbank  is light weight at 178 grams.  It's a smart  device  that promises  five layers of protection  against over load, over voltage etc.  It also doubles as mini LED torch!
  • If you are looking for a heavy duty alternate power source for phone or tablet -- even a lite netbook -- the Toreto, Jupiter rated at 9000 mAh  may be the answer. it gives an output of 5V at  1A or 2A. And for the asking price of Rs 3599, you also get a free carry case with 2  iPhone 4 &  iPhone 5-compatible connectors.
  • Finally, if your family members  use multiple phones, you might consider a "Family Pack" of power banks.  Singapore-based Lapcare has  launched  just such a Power Bank family pack  --  a set of 3 power banks – Alpha, Beta and Gamma, with 6600 mAh, 4400mAh and 2200mAh capacities respectively. and each featuring LED flashlight ( Rs 2999/set).