CeBIT takes Bangalore tech show to the Next Level

CeBIT's maiden IT show in India, teaming with  the  annual Bangalore ITE..Biz  expo has nudged  the  Silicon City into the league of the world's biggest  infotech shows.  We bring you some pictorial vignettes:

Clockwise from top left: Infosys  contributed  a vast pavilion  featuring the work of dozens of starups.  Chinese companies  carved out  their own space in the exhibition.  IBMK returned to a major Bangalore show aftera gap of a few years.  Epson and Blackberry  drew a steady stream of visitors. It infrastructure player  Rittal's banner seemed to say it for CeBIT Bangalore 2014... going to the "Next Level".  Kerala has been a regular exhibitor for as long as Bangalore, IT.Biz and .ITE.Biz  has been around in Bangalore.  All photos: IndiaTechOnline.  

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