Yahoo!OpenHack2012 winners

14th August 2012
Yahoo!OpenHack2012 winners

Photos: vignettes of the OpenHack 2012Bangalore August 14 2012: The 5th edition of Yahoo! Open Hack which concluded last week, in Bangalore drew over 800 (including tech talks participants) to become Yahoo!’s biggest Open Hack ever. There were 730 hackers in the house, who built an impressive 157 hacks – the largest number of hack submissions for any Open Hack • 7% of the hackers at the event were women
• 5 hardware hacks were submitted this year
• The hackers downed 740 cups of coffee and tea, and 815 cans of Red Bull – they needed the fuel, since only 1 per cent slept through the night! 2,200 idli-vadas, 740 eggs and 55 kg of hash brown potatoes flew off the breakfast counter during the event
• 1 radio channel, Radio Indigo, broadcast live and uninterrupted from the event for 24 hours. Close to 120 developers and Yahoos went on air!
Here are the winners:
Grand prize winner Brock, By Amod Kumar Pandey, Nikhil Baliga Brock is a simple and intuitive tool that allows even non-developers to write code with only a couple of mouse-clicks and build very useful mini-apps for their Android devices.  
2nd prize: Pictrendz By Rakesh Menon, Jamal Mohammed, Sumeet Chawla, Lalit Chandnani As the web evolves from text-based communication medium to a more visual and interactive one, here’s a hack for attractive, flowing, web sourced image visualizations. With Pictrendz, users can understand ongoing trends at a single look at the image clusters, instead of word clouds.   

3rd prize ( 3 joint winners)
Vibration Reduction for Improved Readability By Prajwal BS, Ramkumar S, Niraj Rajmohan, Rajesh Kumar S.
A Browser based hack to counter physical vibrations on Mobile devices, to improve readability (Reduces shaking while reading on a mobile device, while travelling in a vehicle.    
Beam OS By Sumit Ranjan, Abhishek Shrivasatava, Akash Chauhan
Ever felt constrained by the space limit of a single cloud service, even though you have multiple free cloud services available? Chrome Beam brings you all your favourite cloud services integrated and available right inside your favorite browser as a web app. In short, it’s a cloud OS within the browser! Now you can manage, organize and browse all your files spread across multiple cloud services from a single user-friendly desktop-like environment.  
BookMafia By Kousik Kumar, Jeba Singh Emmanuel, Priya Kuber, Neha Jain
A mobilephone application to enable easy circulation of books among geographically close people. Scan the barcode of your already read, ready to be lent book via this app and populate your library. - Search for a book and check the availability with your Facebook friends, or others in general, depending upon your privacy settings. - Contact the person via a text message to his phone.
Hackers choice award (voted by fellow hackers)
I Am Bored –By Ninad Pundalik, Dhruva Krishnan, Aman Manglik
What do you do if you’re 27, single and have so much free time that you are forced to say, “I’m bored!” You click the “I’m bored” button on this phone app, which shows you what’s happening around you. Designed for when you’re on the go, the app picks up your location and maps events and activities around you.