Enabling wireless monitoring of patients in ambulances and homes

15th April 2023
Enabling wireless monitoring  of patients in  ambulances and homes

April 15, 2023: Chennai-based health-tech startup, LifeSigns iMS (a brand by LS Devices Pvt. Ltd.), has developed a revolutionary continuum care solution that allows patients to be monitored wirelessly and in real-time, regardless of their location.
This Biosensor has 21 USA Patents and global accreditation. The  solution, which can be used in ambulances, hospitals, and at home, aims to provide patients with seamless care, ensuring they receive the care they must have at all times.
The LifeSigns continuum of care solution utilizes cutting-edge technology, such as wearable biosensors and cloud-based analytics, to provide real-time monitoring of patient vitals. The solution is fully configurable, allowing healthcare providers to tailor it to their particular requirements. Since its inception in 2020, LifeSigns has deployed over 32,000 biosensors in over 56+ hospitals across India, saving 2400 lives and preventing over 6,000 clinical decline cases, most notably at Apollo Hospitals, Kauvery Hospitals, Medanta, Aster Group, and one of the most renowned hospital chains. With its outpatient and remote home services, the company foresees a vast potential for expanding its relationships with hospitals and healthcare professionals.
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