AjnaLens exploits metaverse for skilling

16th April 2022
AjnaLens exploits metaverse for skilling

Mumbai, April 16, 2022: Mumbai-based XR hardware and software company AjnaLens, is harnessing metaverse to create training simulators . It has already deployed 300 units and is on its way to train 18000+ students every year across the country.
AjnaXR Station is a scalable virtual reality (VR) training simulator that is designed, developed and manufactured in India. Each of these AjnaXR Stations are equipped to provide training across multiple modules and industries by representing the real world experience in a virtual setup, making training effective and engaging while reducing the training time and cost. 
AjnaXR Station Highlights: 
-Innovative tracking system replicates the movements - Trainees are teleported to the actual job site 
-AjnaLens built one of the world's most lightweight VR Headsets in India- designed for comfortable experience for longer duration 
-Phygital VR training is environment friendly, cost effective and sustainable
Named after ‘Ajna’, the sixth chakra or the third eye which activates ‘intuitive vision’, AjnaLens makes immersive augmented, virtual and mixed reality devices and software solutions for Defence, Enterprise and Skilling sectors. It is the first and only XR hardware OEM to manufacture AR/VR glasses in India. 
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