This trainings simulator use Virtual Reality

23rd March 2022
This trainings simulator use Virtual Reality

Photos: A trainee using AjnaXR Station for spray painting simulation;  Performance assessment of the activity
Mumbai, March 23, 2022:  Taking a giant leap to bridge the demand for skilled workforce, AjnaLens, Mumbai-based XR hardware and software company, has  joined hands with Tata Technologies to digitize 150 ITIs in Karnataka. The initiative equips ITIs with AjnaXR stations, the VR-based Phygital Training Simulator that provides immersive skill training to drive performance and reduce training cost. The Karnataka ITI Upgrade into Industry 4.0 aims to upskill more than 9,000 students this year as part of this initiative. By far, this is the largest implementation of a VR based trade skilling simulator in the world.
AjnaXR Station is a scalable VR training solution which is manufactured and assembled in India. Each station is equipped to provide training across multiple modules by representing the real world in the virtual world, making training effective and engaging while reducing the training time and cost.
Enabling the trainees to practice the skills for long hours, the company has built one of the world’s most lightweight VR Glasses which weigh only 153 gms, as compared to the popular international brands which weigh around 500 gms. In order to help students build muscle memory, AnjaLens has built an innovative tracking system to track real-life tools in the virtual environment, making the product highly scalable for training.
It is a made-in-India, highly scalable VR training simulator for Industrial trainings
-One-stop solution for diverse set of trainings
-Virtually teleports trainee to an actual job site/paint shop/welding workshop
-Unlimited practice on industry-graded tools to build muscle memory
-Multilingual training that gives immediate Return on Investment
“Skilling will drive India through the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Enabling and empowering the grassroots is pivotal to bridge the skill gap. AjnaLens has successfully transformed the ITIs in Karnataka and is ready to create more ripples by cascading the impact to other states of India. It is a well-equipped workforce that will truly harbour India’s future and meet the growing demand of the industry.” says Sushil Kumar, Global Head, Govt Projects & Skill Development at Tata Technologies.
Says Abhijit Patil, Co-founder & COO, AjnaLens: “Collaboration is key to bringing an inclusive and lasting change. We thank Tata Technologies for making us a part of this impactful initiative. Aligned with our vision of Make in India and creating a positive impact at the grassroots, this partnership is a key milestone towards upskilling the current and future workforce of India. Combining immersive virtual experience with the actual industry-graded tools paves the most effective and sustainable way to make India’s youth job-ready. Going forward, we plan to multiply the impact by expanding the training module across other states.”
The initiative will empower youth at the grassroots by exposing them to upskilling opportunities which AjnaXR Station brings to their nearest ITI. The impact-driven startup, AjnaLens, has successfully created direct and indirect employment for students, especially for female ITI students by engaging them to assemble and deliver 300 units of AjnaXR Station. The trained students play the role of peer-facilitators, encouraging more students to join and create scalable impact by bridging the skill gap.
AjnaLens is trusted by prominent clients including the Indian Army, Navy, Ministry of Defence, DRDO, Government of Maharashtra, Vedanta and supported by Forge Accelerator, a leading startup incubator, through every stage of its journey.