Asus ROG 5 gaming phone is here

14th April 2021
Asus ROG 5  gaming phone is here

Some images of the Asus  ROG 5 gaming phone: Top right: Device  customization controls for gaming
Bottom right:  Dual speaker surround sound.
April 14 2021: Full review of Asus ROG 5 here
The phone features  a feature called Haptic Audio.
Haptic audio is an advanced function which can turn important sound effects in the game into vibration. Players can turn specific sounds (such as gunshots) into vibration when they touch specific areas to enhance the game's sense of presence. Currently supported games include: Call of Duty (mobile), PUBGM and Game for Peace.
How to activate in ROG 5: Launch a game, then swipe in from the left edge of the phone to call out Game Genie > Tap Haptic audio icon.