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Indigital unveils non invasive healthcare aids

New Delhi,  March 8 2021: Indigital Technologies LLP, a leading  India headquartered research based technology company that is driven by healthcare has  launched Kribado, a hand-held screening device that will assist healthcare practitioners in treating patients by implementing a pre-admission level.
Indigital Technologies is seeing an increased adoption of its new device with over 64,826 doctors across the country using the screening machine to monitor patients and enhance patient care and clinical outcomes. The device has monitored over 1, 59,700 patients so far. Currently, a total of 1095 devices are available in the market.
Kribado is a non-invasive screening device that right-away analyses the patient condition and provides a risk score while the patient is in the waiting room. Clinics as well as hospitals are using this screening machine to triage the patients to the relevant procedures or treatments by early identification of risk as well as the degree of risk.
Kribado operates using AI and risk calculating algorithms trained on perfect human data. The device has a small touch-screen connected to an embedded printer. While it alerts the care providers to potential behavioural risk factors of all patients in waiting areas, it also gives each company an accurate overview of their phase IV studies, surveys and in-clinic camps.
Indigital has also  put in market, Kyoiku, which  features AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology that converts prescriptions and doctors instructions into easy to understand, high quality videos. Use of this prescription video software improves adherence and understanding of what your ​medications are doing for you, and what actions you can take to improve their effectiveness. With Kyoiku, you get video instructions for 130 thousand medications with hundreds more added every day.

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