India Mobile is 451 million strong

19th February 2020
India Mobile is 451 million strong

February 19 2020: Current  Indian mobile landscape statistics ( from the third edition of ‘Mobile Marketing Ecosystem Report 2020’  released by global mobile trade body Mobile Marketing Association India):
·         India has active user base of 451million while the internet penetration hovers over 36%
·         Currently, across both rural and urban areas in India, 99% of users are using the internet on their mobile phones
·         Along with cheaper data plans, smart phones have also become more affordable, allowing wider access
·         Out of a population of 1.3-1.4 billion, India has 1.16 billion mobile subscribers, comprising 700 million unique mobile subscribers
·         With the increase in number of mobile phones, time spent on mobile also grew to 3.7 hours per day which is a 25% jump as compared to 2017 data
·         Currently, data in India is priced at USD 0.26 for 1 GB, as compared to the global average of USD 8.53 per GB
·         In the third quarter of 2019, the smartphone market in India shipped a whopping 46.6 million units, fuelled by launches of new models, online sales and price corrections
·         In 2019, consumers downloaded a record 204B apps worldwide, spending close to $120B which is 2x of 2016 spending
·         Among all active mobile internet users in India, which stands at approximately 451 million, entertainment is the purpose for a whopping 84%

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