Makebot brings global robotic competition to Indian students

10th September 2019
Makebot brings global robotic competition to Indian students

Mumbai, September  10, 2019: Mumbai based STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Mathematics) Education provider, Makebot, has  partnered  withMakeBlock to bring their international Robotics Championship, MakeX, to India.  This is a competitive platform for students across the globe, who are passionate about innovation through collaboration.
Makebot, will be conducting several state and regional level competitions, so as to filter out and select the best teams that will represent India at the international arena. These include city specific competitions in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Pune, followed by a national championship to be held at Mumbai on November  9 2019. Through the competition, students are expected to devise creative solutions to difficult problems, work as a team, learn sportsmanship, communicate effectively and build leadership skills.The finals for MakeX 2019 are scheduled to be held in China, Guangzhou on November 29, 2019.
The theme for MakeX 2019 is "City Lights" and it is aimed at challenging young people to solve real-world problems that we may face every day, including environmental pollution, food safety, recycling, viral infection and more, by applying STEAM concepts to Robotics. The Competition is divided into 2 programs based on different difficulty levels and targeting at various age groups:
MakeX Starter – City Guardian:  This is a multitasking competition for young people between Junior (6-13 years), Senior(12-16 years).  It is divided into two parts: automatic stage and manual stage. The City Guardian mainly focuses on encouraging collaboration and communication between two alliances and thus inspiring contestants to develop good social skills from an early age.
MakeX Challenge – Courageous Traveller: This is a confrontational competition for young people between 11 to 18 years old. It includes of two camps: Red alliance and Blue alliance, each one is combined by two teams. The Courageous Traveller mainly focuses on improving young people’s ability of design, precise control, software programming, and strategy analysis.
Says Amit Verma, CEO & Director, MakeBot: “As a futuristic education technology and STEAM learning provider, we believe in offering new age experiential learning for students in the 21st century. With MakeX, our students get a chance to participate and showcase their skills on an international platform, which is a huge motivational factor not only for them but also for parents and teachers. For STEAM and Robotics to be accepted as a vital part of the next generation education system, such international recognition can go a long way. As strong promoters of STEAM Learning, we are honored to be able to contribute towards driving a deeper understanding and value of Robotics and steam learning among parents, teachers and students.”

The registrations for MakeX in India close on  September 15 . Details  here