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Dixon Technologies Plant in Tirupati

Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, October 8 2018:   Electronics  contract manufacturer Dixon Technologies  is helping put the temple town of Tirupati on the map of hardware manufacturing in India.  The company has 8 units spread across 3 states and is the largest manufacturer of TVs in India. At Tirupati it also manufacturers  CCTV cameras and Digital video recorders. It has just added Xiaomi as a client for manufacture of 32 inch and  43 inch Mi-LED smart TVs at Tirupati and is all set to ramp up to full capacity of 100,00 Mi TVs a month by January 2019.

These pictures illustrate parts of the assembly line:
1.  Placing a mask over the LED strips  2.  Positioning the LED panel  3.  Inserting the mother board  4.  A final visual test in mirror  5.  Mi TVs packed and ready to ship  6. The factory in Tirupati  pays its tribute to local deity Lord Venkateshwara.
Photos: IndiaTechOnline / Anand Parthasarathy
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