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Mini PC with built-in screen coming

A upcoming  crowd-sourced Mini PC has integrated a display screen
Bangalore, May 19 2018: All available mini PCs today come without keyboard and display.. putting buyers to extra expense and defeating the claims of portability. That may change come September, when a  new design crowd-funded at Indiegogo, is set to reach the hands of early investors
It is called  Mi Mini PC and  is being made by a Hong Kong developer.  It claims to be the first  truly pocketable PC, with a 5 inch LCD screen, 128 GB of  solid state storage   8 GB RAM   and running on an Intel Celeron processor.  Usefully,  the device can be booted with either Windows 10 or Android 7. A foldable keyboard is provided free with a power adapter if you don’t want to run it in the built-in batteries.  
The price to early investors is  the equivalent of Rs 10,000 --  but many in the tech media are sceptical if  such a system can be delivered at this price. We have to wait and see.


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