01st January 2012

Indian brains create a novel device to provide access to your files -- anywhere
, a novel device that provides access to one’s files - anywhere in the world –was introduced at CommunicAsia in Singapore this week. Comprising two identical parts called ‘Twins’, iTwin connects two computers by plugging a Twin into each. Once connected, each computer can then remotely access data on the other one. “iTwin provides access to the files on a computer, from anywhere. It is really simple to use and there is no storage restriction - you can access an entire hard drive, if you want to. And in case your device is lost, you can remotely disable it. So your data is safe.“ said Kal Takru, COO of iTwin. Using iTwin requires no downloading of software, configuration of settings or login details.
ITwin is a Singapore-based start-up co founded by Lux Anantharaman, an alumnus from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore and IIT Madras and Kal Takru an MS from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.
The product will be available for US$99 at from Sep 1, 2010.