Meri awaz suno!

26th January 2018
Meri awaz suno!

Wishfie believes your opinion matters -- so share it
Bangalore, January 27 2018: When a smartphone brand dedicates an entire product line to enhance video performance, it is clear that the wide world out there is waiting for your opinion -- anything from politics to sports to movies to fashion to that crazy ex! While social media is democratizing  user opinion, experts believe that it has the power to give traditional news a run for its money. The logic is pretty simple. You trust peer reviews more than ads. Similarly, a day will come when you will trust a fellow human being on video rather than a news channel.
Interestingly, a Bangalore-based start-up, founded by an ex-Facebook executive, is creating waves in the user generated video space. An app called Wishfie allows you to initiate topics, contribute to them, and share them on your social channels. The latest version of the app allows you to post your opinions anonymously. Wishfie is one of the apps that does not mandate a 'real name policy', unlike a few popular social networks. Wishfie believes that everyone has a right to an opinion, and it is the opinion makers that are the true newsmakers.   
It is one of the first social video companies from India that aims at providing a platform for everyone to share their opinions, ensuring  that all  can participate in shaping the world of tomorrow.Wishfie is available for Android and iOS, and all it requires is a phone with  good video, maybe  the Camon i?