Aadhaar authentication all the way

07th February 2017
Aadhaar  authentication all the way

February 17 21017: Aadhaar based  entry and check-in at Bangalore airport has been reported   by us here.
The  images above, show AAdhaar based checkin.  Heere is the full process flow at Bangalore International airport:
The process flow as below.

1.      Airport Entry Gate
a.       PASSENGER Comes pre-checked in with Boarding Pass either Paper printed or E-Mobile Boarding Pass.
b.      At the Aadhar boarding Kiosk he scans the Boarding Pass
 i.      IF AADHAAR is already entered at the time of booking, he waves his hand and Authentication/ registration happens.
 ii.      If AADHAAR is not entered at the time of booking and PASSENGER has AADHAAR ID, he can enter the AADHAAR number manually and wave his hand and Authentication/ registration happens
 iii.      IF AADHAAR is not available, PASSENGER enters that AADHAAR Not Available and waves his hand. Then shows his ID to the CISF Staff who accepts him on valid ID presented.
c.       PASSENGER then moves to the Departure Entry Vestibule E-Gate.
 i.      Scans his hand and Gate Opens

2.      Bag Drop/ Check-in Counter
a.       IF passenger has any Check-in Bag he moves to the Check-in Counter and Waves his hand.

3.      Pre Embarkation Security Scheck (PESC) Entry
a.       passenger then moves to the pre embarkation security check area, waves his hand and enters the Zone.
b.      Statutory security check, Passenger will handover hand bags or belonging for screening
4.      PESC Frisking Pedestal
a.       Passenger moves through the Door Frame Metal Detector and reaches the Frisking Pedestal
b.      Passenger waves his hand and is recognized by his Biometrics
c.       Passenger is Frisked by the CISF Staff

5.      Boarding Gate (Designated)
a.       Passenger moves to the Boarding Gate and when Boarding is announced, waves his Hand at the E-Gate
  i.      Gate Opens and while exiting the E-gate PASSENGER gets a Paper Stub with Flight details, seat number etc.
6.      Aircraft Door
a.       Passenger moves to the Aircraft door shows the Paper Stub and enters Aircraft