An app for discovering business events

Bangalore  January 15 2017: 10times is is the world's largest service provider for business events -- and an event discovery platform that aims to provide end-to-end information about tradeshows, events, workshops and conferences. The goal is to make it easier for users to find information about events near them, attend and connect with people there.
The app detects the user’s location and discovers events around that place. Users can choose their industry to curate relevant events based on their interest. They can then register, send a request to attend the event and also see who else is attending the event in the ‘Visitors List’ and connect with them.  Spread across 10,000 cities, 1otimes is in the process of developing a cutting edge mobile technology in order to re-invent how this industry conducts business.They  have around 4 million page views every month and around 2 million registered users with  clients from more than 30 countries

Google Play  app here