Blended learning

14th December 2016
Blended learning

What is Blended learning?
( see our story on OUP's blended learning solution for Indian schools here)

Blended learning is a formal education program that involves combining Internet and digital media with traditional classroom methods that require the physical presence of both a teacher and students, with some element of student control over time, place, path, or pace. While students still attend "brick-and-mortar" schools with a teacher present, face-to-face classroom practices are combined with computer mediated  activities  regarding content and delivery. Blended learning is also used in professional development and training settings. The terms "blended learning", "hybrid learning", "technology-mediated instruction", "web-enhanced instruction", and "mixed-mode instruction" are often used interchangeably.
By using a combination of digital instruction and one-on-one face time, students can work on their own with new concepts which frees teachers up to circulate and support individual students who may need individualized attention. By incorporating Information Technology  into class projects, communication between lecturers and part-time students has improved ( source: Wikipedia)

December  14 2016