Dentist comes to your home -- with chair!

22nd November 2016
Dentist comes to your home -- with chair!

In Bangalore, Mysore, Pune and Ahmedabad, you can have a dentist visit your home  -- bringing the dental chair along!

Bangalore, November 22 2016: Vivek Madappa, a serial entrepreneur and Dr Devaiah Mapangada, a reputed dentist trained in Switzerland, came together two years ago   with a unique  proposition:  People are reluctant to go to the dentist. So why not have the dentist come to your home?  You will immediately ask: What about the "Chair" -- that complicated contraption on which we lie spread-eagled while the dentist works with his drill ? 
The duo came up with an inspired answer: they  compacted the dentalchair and all the other apparatus into a suitcase, creating the first  portable  dental clinic.
They called their venture  MobiDent  and it has turrned out to be a huge success. In Bangalore alone they  have served  44,000 patients and have expanded to Mysore, Pune and Ahmedabad.
The charges are:   Rs 1150 per annum per person, Rs 1750 per couple  or Rs 2750 per family( up to 5)   -- with two visits every year.  For an average family it could work out to less than Rs 300 person for each visit. The annual plan also includes a ‘Mouth Spa’ twice a year, which  includes deep cleaning; plaque & tartar removal using Titanium tipped ultrasonic painless scaler. 
There are 33 dentists currently on board with MobiDent.  Every dentist goes through a structured world class training in soft skills and technical skills at the MobiDent Academy for Dental Excellence (M.A.D.E). Only the best who have treated over 2000 patients and performed over 2500 procedures are qualified to offer treatment at home.