WiproSAP Sybase

01st January 2012
WiproSAP Sybase

Wipro-SAP-Sybase sangam!

Enterprise and mobile software leader Sybase Software (India) has joined Wipro Infotech, in a partnership to extend SAP applications to a variety of mobile device types. SAP customers will be able to securely access their business-critical enterprise applications while on the move. Sybase and SAP recently co-developed solutions for extending SAP CRM and SAP Business Suite to mobile devices – and users will now able to leverage Wipro's SAP implementation skills to customize these Mobile Solutions, in addition to developing custom mobile applications for other SAP modules such as SRM SCM, PLM.

( See our video  on the Sybase-SAP application for a few days on our home page)

March 4 2010