Samsung Gear VR headset

24th April 2016
Samsung Gear  VR  headset

Bangalore, April 24 2016:
V. Sudhakshina  writes: The first thought that  comes to  mind while using  the Samsung Gear  VR  headset is how comfortable it is to wear  after  DIY  offerings like Cardboard.  
Now we know where  the money goes! For gaming and navigation it comes with a sensor pad on the right  side, which was not too sensitive to  recognize the finger movements quickly.  Compared to PC-linked VR headsets, the Gear VR offers an advantage of   uwired movement for 360 degree videos. The visuals for both 2-D and 3-D content were neat when we tried it with the Samsung Galaxy S7.  There is a zoom control on the top of the set

The Gear VR is basically meant for you to watch videos and plays games with compatible Samsung smart phones, which we feel is a bit restrictive.  The Samsung Gear VR is ideal for  select Samsung phone owners , who just want to get the look and feel of a virtual reality device   for the asking price of Rs 8200.