Holiday IQ survey reveals Indian preferences in travel photography

30th January 2016
Holiday IQ survey reveals  Indian preferences in travel photography

Bangalore, January 30 2016: HolidayIQ, India’s largest travel community, recently concluded  a survey amongst its 12 million-strong traveller community  which revealed that  More than 67% prefered smartphones for capturing travel photos, 16% travellers used both smartphones and DSLRs, 11% are DSLR purists while 3% used a digital point-and-shoot camera.
Reasons Indian Travellers Prefer Smartphones for travel Photography:
·        I can share photos instantly - 81%
·        I can capture the moment before it passes - 74%
·        Easy to use - 21%
·        Low maintenance & I can use it more than my DSLR - 32%|
·        Fits in my pocket and I can take it anywhere - 38%

From a community of 12 million travellers, most of the Indian travellers admit to uploading photos from their smartphones immediately onto their social media, online communities, WhatsApp groups and personal portfolios to share their content with friends and family. With 81 percent of youth taking photos and sharing them instantly and 74 percent youth who admit to never missing a great live moment while trying to take the perfect photo. 21 percent of travellers state the smartphone is a better preference being the most convenient option. 32 percent swear by the smartphone as its maintenance free while a 38 percent feel it’s most handy and can be used at any time to treasure the best of memories.
Male vs Female: 41 percent of Women admitted to taking ‘selfies’ compared to just 35 percent of men.
This is part of a broader trend, whereby travellers are increasingly looking to do more with their smartphones than just make calls, with photo taking a top of the agenda when it comes to travellers choosing their ideal phone.
Popular Smartphone Photography Accessories
·        Selfie stick- 21%
·        Tripod / stands - 9 %
·        Sturdy waterproof cases & mounts - 7%
·        Others include: Pocket Spotlight and Lenses

 OS Share
 65% Android
25% iOS
 Android OS Version
 Kitkat - 43.65%
Lollipop - 37.85%
Jelly Bean - 17.75%
 Top smartphone brands used for Travel Photography
·        Samsung
·        Micromax
·        HTC
·        Sony
·        Lenovo