Mobile etiquette while travelling: Here's what others dislike

16th January 2016
Mobile etiquette while travelling: Here's what others dislike

 The Expedia/Egencia Mobile Index Study of Global Travellers reveals that they now consider the Smartphone to be their "Most Indispensable" travel companion.
Travellers are well attuned to mobile device etiquette, and find mobile faux pas to be highly offensive. Courteousness and noise consciousness continue to be particularly prized, as is privacy./The list of perceived mobile etiquette violations, in order of offensiveness, includes:

• Playing music, games or videos without headphones: 58%

• Making/taking calls while on speakerphone:57%

• Taking photos/videos of strangers:48%

• Making / taking voice calls while dining at a restaurant / café:39%

• Enabling notifications on the loud setting:39%

• Texting or emailing while attending a seated performance:35%

• Making/taking video calls:25%

• Photographing food during meal:22%

• Entertaining children with games, apps or videos:18%

• Attaching a fitness tracker visibly to an undergarment:16%

• Posting more than 3 updates per day on social media:14%

• Using location-based dating apps13%

• Taking photos using a tablet device13%

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