Expedia unveils TAAP 3.0, revamped portal for travel agents

23rd February 2014
Expedia  unveils TAAP 3.0, revamped portal for travel agents

New Delhi February 24 2014: Leading Online travel agency Expedia has revamped its portal for travel agents: the Expedia Travel Agent Affiliate Program (TAAP).
The booking process using the Expedia website hasn’t changed but the log-in and back end processes have been streamlined significantly. Now the Login, in new TAAP 3.0 website, is a single step process and the enhanced itinerary builder feature allows generation of unbranded vouchers for agents to self-brand, print or forward to their customers. The enhanced itinerary builder also allows the agent to edit/delete the information the agent wants to send to the client and has the functionality to mark up price using “Add fees”. The new TAAP website tracks all the bookings seamlessly after the agent login and gives complete control to the agent to edit/delete the profile information and change password.
The TAAP team has already rolled out new portals worldwide over the last few months and went live in India last week. The launch in India is followed by the launch in Italy and US.
More information about Expedia TAAP here