Bangalore's Shangri-La hotel IT-enables its health club

19th November 2015
Bangalore's Shangri-La  hotel IT-enables  its health club

November  19 2015: Bangalore's  recently opened Shangri-La Hotel,   has married technology  and wellness to create a healthclub with   equipment from TechnoGym.
The mantra is ‘Wellness on the Go’ was born, letting users to enjoy a wellness lifestyle wherever they are – in the gym, at home, at work and outdoors – and stay connected to their world and their training.
Unity is Technogym’s way of integrating work and training.  Unity ensures that our business clients can train and work out while they work.
Built on the latest Android technology, Unity can exploit all the potential of an open platform: It allows users to connect their gadgets (iPods, iPads, phones and so on) to their gym equipment and conduct interviews, watch videos, listen to music, create documents and much more while they work out.
'Unity' provides the user a number of connectivity options – Wi-Fi and LAN connections, NFC (RFID) and QR code technologies.
With the latest Android platform, users can interact as if they were using a tablet.  Multi-training or multi-tasking becomes natural and visually instinctive: end-users can swipe, scroll, click and jump from one activity to another, making it a truly interactive training experience.With User Mobile Feedback, users can connect to the equipment and to the network via their mobile devices.  While they train, their mobile device tracks their data and pushes it to the network that returns personalised feedback on physiological parameters and training results via a user mobile device.
When working out on ARTIS cardio equipment with Energy Harvesting technology, members produce free clean energy that is fed back into the grid to power the gym and reduce environmental footprint.  Members can monitor their energy production level gauged against typical household appliance consumption values and check their contribution over time, both on the user interface and on their ‘mywellness’ account.Developed by the Technogym Village Scientific Research Department, ARTIS respects the highest ergonomic and biomechanical standards