From Bhopal, a cool mobile tool to learn foreign languages

05th August 2015
From Bhopal, a cool  mobile  tool to learn foreign languages

Bhopal, August 5, 2015: Insperia Education Pvt. Ltd in Bhopal   has launched LingosMio,   an online platform for learning foreign languages is a product of. It has also launched an Android app  which currently offers  a course in Spanish. 
LingosMio app has seen more than 1, 20,000 download already and its website has registrations from over 200 countries and more than 65000 active users last month.
Says Alok Arora, Founder & CEO at LingosMio: “Our website has received an overwhelming response and has been ranked in the top 10 of all education apps in 11 countries. While understanding the behavioural pattern of the consumers, we realised that the most common problem noticed in language learners is the time constraint. They are usually of the age group of 18 – 34 years. They have limited time but are curious to learn new languages and that’s how the idea of an app developed for the learner’s convenience. In six months we have received an amazing response and LingosMio is also been nominated as one of the best 5 education apps in 6 countries. Android users can download this app for free. We soon plan to launch other languages like English, Hindi and Mandarin Chinese.”
What makes LingosMio different? With LingosMio you will learn the language
not the phrases. With other platforms you can learn the words and learn up
phrases. But LingosMio has online interactive courses, which allow you to
really learn languages. Most language learners have a problem taking part
in a conversation. At Lingosmio the most important thing in the courses is the
accent on conversational skills and the actual use of the language. The
courses have a great focus on speaking and listening skills which is not
something you find in other language programs. Once you download the