Free hotel WiFi: Now you know the quality in advance; can name and shame the bad ones

07th September 2014
Free hotel WiFi: Now you  know the quality in advance; can name and shame the bad ones

September 7, 2014:  You book into a hotel because it promises free WiFi -- then find the service is so slow as to be  virtually useless.  A familiar experience?  Now a service helps harnesses  people power plus social media to  let you know in advance how other travelers found the WiFi.
Hotel WiFi Test ,   a leading company for collecting, analyzing, and distributing hotel WiFi data from around the world has  launched a browser extension that displays information about a hotel’s WiFi speed and quality onto the most popular booking and travel websites:, Expedia, and TripAdvisor.
Previously, this unique content was only available on, and users had to switch back and forth from their favorite booking site. Now, this experience is streamlined: users can see WiFi speed information on hotel booking sites alongside standard hotel attributes, such as customer reviews, price, and location. The WiFi information block respects the style of each site, so it feels like a native element on the page.
Studies continue to show that hotel WiFi is a top amenity, but WiFi quality is also among the most frequent traveler complaints. Hotel booking sites tend to avoid displaying negative information about hotels, with the exception of customer reviews. This may be understandable for their relationship with hotels, but it’s not so convenient for travelers.’s integration with travel and booking sites gives power back to travelers, allowing them to effortlessly select a hotel based on its fast and reliable WiFi. Because consumers can easily see a hotel’s WiFi performance before they book, not after they enter the room, hotels now have a greater incentive to provide quality WiFi to their visitors.
The browser extension also provides a quick way to compare the WiFi speed of tested hotels within a particular city. With almost 200 hotels tested in New York alone, this is a powerful tool for travelers who value fast and reliable WiFi.
The browser extension supports desktop versions of Chrome and Firefox browsers.