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SITA develops boarding pass app for passengers' smart watches

New Delhi, August 17 2014: Airlines can now offer their passengers the chance to board their flight with a mere flick of their wrist and a  scan of their smartwatch.   SITA Lab, the development arm leading specialist in air transport communications and IT solutions, SITA, has created  a solution, providing boarding passes for Android watches via its API available now on   
A simple alert via Android Wear technology will remind the passenger of their flight at the appropriate time and location. A quick swipe reveals the boarding pass and a second swipe displays the barcode allowing the passenger to get through the airport checkpoints and board the plane. 
Says Jim Peters, CTO, SITA: “We have done considerable research into the use of wearable technology for the air transport industry and this is the first step to enable passengers to use their own wearable devices as they make their way through the airport. SITA’s boarding pass is fully compliant with international regulations, including the TSA, so can be used at airports across the world. We’ve made this available through our industry API platform so it will be interesting to see which airlines will be the early adopters."
SITA’s boarding pass API is already in use at major airlines including JetBlue and Virgin Atlantic.

Link to our story on Japan Airlines smart watches  for boarding gate agents



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SITA develops boarding pass app for passengers' smart watches
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