Mobile App from Kerala will boost women-friendly tourism

19th July 2023
Mobile App from Kerala will boost women-friendly tourism

July 19,2023: Kerala Tourism  has announced a mobile app to strengthen the country’s first ‘Women-Friendly Tourism’ initiative and make the tourism sector gender -inclusive.
The State Responsible Tourism Mission (RT Mission will curate the content of the app which will be designed to have all location-specific information and images, including the socio-cultural features of various places of Kerala, to serve as a ready-reckoner on the unique project. 
Information in the app will include women-led handicraft and souvenir production and sales units, amenities like rest rooms, camping sites, licensed houseboats, caravan parks and ethnic cuisine units in various places, festivals and experiential and adventure packages.
Apart from providing information about tourism centres in Kerala, the app will have all the details of women-friendly tourism products and packages, resorts, hotels, women enterprises, recognized tour operators, women tour operators, travel agencies, homestays and women tour guides.
The project is being implemented with the support of various organizations including UN Women. It has set a target of creating 10,000 women ventures and 30,000 jobs in the tourism sector. The app will make the visit to Kerala more pleasant and hassle-free for women.