ixigo launches ChatGPT Plugin and AI Trip Planner

14th July 2023
ixigo launches ChatGPT Plugin and AI Trip Planner

New Delhi, July 14 2023: Indian travel booking platform ixigo  has introduced PLAN by ixigo, an intelligent trip planner built on OpenAI (an AI research and deployment company). By leveraging OpenAI's ChatGPT API, the platform can efficiently process and understand user preferences, offering them personalized recommendations, suggestions, and itineraries.
ixigo  is the first Indian travel company to have ixigo’s plugin for ChatGPT, a conversational travel assistant, strengthening its position as an industry frontrunner in terms of innovation.
PLAN combines the collective power of ChatGPT and the best travel data on the planet to transform how travelers conceptualize, organize, and prioritize their trips. It lets users build beautiful travel plans and discover fact-checked, personalized attractions, restaurants, activities, hotels, tours, and more.
Travelers can get recommendations for travel destinations based on their current location, time, or weather conditions. Alternatively, if users have a destination in mind they can select from a range of trip themes, or provide their own preferences for a customized trip plan. PLAN will automatically tag, map and generate a detailed itinerary for the chosen destination and chosen theme, additionally integrating weather and AQI updates. PLAN’s conversational user interface enables users to customize itineraries in real-time and co-create their perfect trip plans.

Says Rajnish Kumar, Co-founder and Group CPTO of ixigo "The perfect trip planning app is one that can create the exact same itinerary for you in seconds as the one you would create on your own after many days of research & iterations. With this end goal in mind, we combined the power of ChatGPT with our own aggregated real-time information to create a seamless, user-friendly experience that makes trip planning a breeze. We are also proud to become the first Indian tech company to have an official plugin on ChatGPT. This combines the power of an LLM with our data and APIs to answer interesting queries like “Can you recommend summer destinations with abundant greenery and minimal pollution, considering that I enjoyed my trip to Shimla last summer and I am currently residing in Kolkata?”. In the next phase, we will introduce events, social trends, and real-time social sharing allowing users to collaborate with friends and family for a fun and interactive trip planning experience.

PLAN by ixigo is available on the ixigo website and apps and is accessible to users for free at https://www.ixigo.com/plan.
The ixigo plugin for ChatGPT is available for use on https://chat.openai.com/, just search for “ixigo” there.