Kerala, Ahmedabad figure in Time Magazine's greatest places rankings in 2022

14th July 2022
Kerala, Ahmedabad figure in Time Magazine's  greatest places rankings in 2022
Caravan Tourism in Kerala and Science City, Ahmedabad

July 14 2022: Two Indian destinations figure in TIME magazine’s list of the world's greatest places of 2022: the state of Kerala and Ahmedabad city
Says Time about Kerala: "Kerala is one of India's most beautiful states. With spectacular beaches and lush backwaters, temples, and palaces, it's known as God's own country for good reason.. This year, Kerala is boosting motor-home tourism in India to inspire a new pas de deux of exploration and accommodation. The state's first caravan park, Karavan Meadows, opened in Vagamon, a scenic hill station…In the wake of the state's success with houseboat cruising, caravans are expected to follow suit with a similar promise of sustainable tourism.” Over 1,000 campers have already begun to traverse the land, a fresh and unique way to experience Kerala's beaches and verdant plantations.
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As India's first UNESCO World Heritage City, Ahmedabad boasts both ancient landmarks and contemporary innovations that make it a mecca for cultural tourism, from the serene Gandhi Ashram that sits on 36 acres on the banks of the Sabarmati River to Navratri, a vibrant nine-day celebration billed as the longest dance festival in the world. 
Time adds that Ahmedabad's Gujarat Science City, a sprawling entertainment centre and theme park, unveiled three major attractions last year, including a 20-acre nature park to educate the public on local flora as well as provide new spaces for playing chess and practicing yoga.There is also a new interactive robot gallery that celebrates innovation in robotics and features a towering replica of a Transformer.And Science City's new aquarium, which showcases aquatic species from around the globe, is now India's largest, it added.  ( courtesy  PTI)