Mumbai T2 terminal eases hassles of transferring between domestic flights

12th April 2022
Mumbai T2 terminal eases hassles of transferring between domestic flights
Mumba Airport, T2 terminal. Photo: A.Savin WikiPhoto

April 12 2022:Travellers  transferring from one domestic flight to another at  most Indian airports, go through the needless hassle of exiting the airporft from the arrival hall of their incoming flight and re-entering it again on the departure side, having to join a long queue for another ID check upon entry.
This madness  has ended -- at least at the T2 terminal of Mumbai's Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA).
CSMIA becomes the first airport in the country to create and begin operations from a dedicated domestic to domestic passenger and crew member transfer facility within Terminal-2 (T2). This dedicated space has  separate security screening infrastructure along with pre-embarkation security checks. This transit area will considerably cut down the Minimum Connection Time (MCT) for transfer passengers and crew members, thereby enabling passengers with a shorter time gap between connecting flights to board.It will also help airline operators in planning their flight schedule and rostering of crew members as they will now be able to accommodate passengers with a lesser time interval between their connecting flights.
This enhancement will further help decongest the airport, as the passengers will now be able to board without undergoing the process of re-entering the terminal building.
Old time airline passengers will recall that things were like this -- till "9/11" -- September 11 2001 -- after which heightened security concerns added many layers of  additional airport protocols, some sensible, some overarching. In most Indian airports, arrival and departure areas were connected by a corridor and passengers could move between the two halls unchallenged.  After 2 decades  we are back in Mumbai to this state of affairs -- with an additional security check added. That's progress!