Handy communication device protects hotel staff

18th March 2022
Handy communication device protects hotel staff

March 18, 2022: Safety is not just for guests: Many hospitality majors now recognize that the safety of their employees is just as important in the current climate of continuing Covid-related challenges to reopening hotels and other hospitality outlets
Which is why many managements see the need to equip staff with a reliable, always-on communication device that handles routine intra-staff communications, even while prioritizing panic messages.
An industry leader here,  is North Carolina (US)-based communications company Relay. Its flagship product is Relay+, a cloud-based smart walkie-talkie that empowers active teams with voice technology, safety and data.  The  wearable device, can be distributed to  hotel management, guest services, housekeeping, maintenance, ground transportation and catering teams
Unlike traditional two-way radios, limited by range and repeaters, Relay devices operate on WiFi and 4G networks that enable users to benefit from uninterrupted communications.
Relay features include:
•Panic Alert: A single-button panic button solution to provide employers with the tools they need to give their employees the added protections they desire
•GPS and 3D-Mapping Capabilities: Allow logistics to better distribute staff quickly via a cloud-connected dashboard feature
•Accountability & Verification: Validates employees responsible for delivery or receiving of goods and services via auto-capture
•Language Translation: 15 languages for team members to use to communicate more effectively internally and externally
•Team Communications: Notifications via pre-recorded messages for the start and end of shifts