Trends to expect in the hotel and hospitality industry in 2022

01st January 2022
Trends  to  expect in the hotel and hospitality industry in 2022
Smart Hotel room: Image courtesy Privium Solutions

January 2 2022: Here are some  interesting trends in the hotels and hospitality industry, which you should be aware of in the new year. (Adapted with acknowledgement from TravelDaily News International)
1. Voice booking
Truly, the next generation of internet technology, now you do not have to call up the front desk and pre-book your hotel room. Instead, you can simply do it with your voice assistant. Now hotels are already adding phone numbers to their web pages, which could be easily navigated by any voice assistant.
2. More intricate travel agents
Once upon a time the agent  was to simply book your hotel and flight tickets. Their work was done once you were accommodated in the hotel rooms. Now the business of travel agents has gone to the next generation. Their hospitality services expand to meal delivery, trip advice, and itinerary, dining reservations, destination bookings, etc.
3. VR experience
How many times has this happened that we reach a hotel and it is nothing  like how it was presented in its website. A VR experience of your stay before you make the booking. With your VR glasses, you can check your room and experience the inside without even being there. If you do not like it, you can refrain from making any booking.
4. Eco-friendly approach
We are all being responsible citizens of the world and desire sustainability when it comes to our travel plans. The next generation travel hospitality services should have everything eco-friendly—a tribute to nature and in a mission to reduce the carbon footprint. And it encourages fulfilment of Corporate Social Responsibilities.
5. Smart rooms
Every hotel now has a WiFi connection, but this also seems like old news. Some of the new smart devices that you should be looking for in your next hotel visit:
-Voice control
-Smart mirrors
-Smart security system
-Mobile phone friendly rooms
-Concierge video chat
-Facial recognition, and many more.
6. Cloud storage
This is a new addiction in the world of hotel and hospitality. They are going digital with their bookings through cloud storage for each individual customer. This gives them a more comprehensive organized system to serve their guests and allows them to customize the rooms according to the customer’s needs. For example, something as simple as a customer wanting cotton sheets for their bed or what temperature the radiator should be set so that they can step into the desired room.
These are some of the notable changes that you should expect from your next trip. These changes have been incorporated, keeping in mind the safety of the guest. However, it will take some time for every hotel to catch on to these trends.