Digital revolution will innovate the entire hotel industry

17th November 2021
Digital revolution will innovate the entire hotel industry

November, 17 2021:  We bring you this perspective on the new digital revolution in making the hotel industry smarter, from Barrows Hotel Enterprises,  a  provider of hotel investment and advisory services for hotels in the Middle East and Africa.
Anyone who thinks we are already there with digitization in the hospitality industry could not be further from wrong. Service and Hospitality will innovate enormously in the years to come through numerous sleek technological applications and making buildings intelligent.
By providing the hotel buildings with intelligent applications aimed at high-quality guest service during the construction phase, the use of smart technology in the workplace becomes a natural result.This concerns, for example, digital check-in and check-out and accelerated streamlining of payment processes while the hotel guest is inconvenienced as little as possible or would have to wait a long time.
Fully automating the daily room check can save a lot of time and money, while the hotel room is always fully equipped with a full minibar, clean linen and a fully disinfected bathroom and toilet. All of these things can be fully automated and reduce costs for management.
Says Chairman Erwin Jager of Barrows Hotel Enterprises: "Logically, where people work, mistakes are been made. With the use of automation and smart technology, this is prevented while customer satisfaction increases. It is true that human hands are needed to change the beds, but the supply and control can be fully automated in such a way that every hotel room receives the right attention day in, day out. Why still work with customer-unfriendly water boilers, while there are already wonderful solutions for this that benefit customer-friendliness. I never understand the way some hotel operators are running their hotel. Always look true the eyes of the guest and create the best possible experience while staying in your hotel.”
With the use of new smart next gen technology, hotel management is much better able to optimize the attention for the customer. Consider, for example, the integration of sustainable eco green energy technology that always allows the building to be air-conditioned in the most sustainable way, and doors that can be opened with a smartphone, instead of the annoying cards that are very customer-unfriendly and unhygienic.
The coming decades will be very interesting for the hotel industry. High End next Gen applications will be developed in particular from the Tech industry to serve building and management in such a way that the hotel guest will automatically gets all the attention and therefore get the ultimate experience when staying in a hotel.
Hospitality means serving people. That is a conscious choice for people who work in the hospitality industry.