After houseboats, Kerala moots caravan tourism

September 18 2021:Kerala has put in place a  comprehensive, stakeholder-friendly Caravan Tourism Policy, promising the visitors safe, customized and closest-to-nature travel experience, with private investors, tour operators and local communities as key stake holders.
The two major components of this activity are Tourism Caravans and Caravan Parks. While the first involves specially- built vehicles for travel, leisure and stay, the Caravan Parks are designated places to park the vehicles and enable the visitors to spend a night or a day or station for an extended period to explore the destination.
There will be two types of caravans. In one model, two guests shall be accommodated, while the other is for a family of four members. The tourism caravans will have all the necessary facilities for a comfortable stay such as sofa-cum-bed, kitchenette with fridge and microwave oven, dining table, toilet cubicle, partition behind the driver, Air-conditioner, internet connectivity, audio-video facilities, charging system and GPS. The parks will have Tourist Facilitation Centres.