Bangalore airport's Menzies Aviation Bubba cargo terminal harnesses TagBox tech for cold-chain cargo monitoring

09th August 2021
Bangalore airport's  Menzies Aviation Bubba cargo terminal harnesses TagBox tech for cold-chain cargo monitoring
Inset shows the TasgBox that is now deployed at Bangalore Airport to monitor all cold-chain cargo

August 9 2021: Technology developed by Bangalore-headquartered TagBox   will provide shippers and agents real-time temperature data of the shipment from the time it leaves the warehouse to the point it is loaded onto an aircraft at  Bangalore International (BLR) Airport.
The battery-powered Tag360 sensor, attached to each small SKU, box, or pallet tracks the product’s temperature, at every step of the journey. Shippers and agents can monitor the end-to-end health of their products through a central monitoring dashboard via a web or mobile interface.
The temperature data gathered from the sensors can be used to create valuable insights on efficient operations and resource management leading to improved customer service. IoT-based sensors capture other critical product parameters and instantly send SMS and / or e-mail alerts. With this, the shipper will be able to take corrective actions, instantly. Remote temperature monitoring also allows companies to enhance visibility of the product and meet regulatory compliance.
BLR Airport is one of the few airports globally to have such technology for efficient handling of cold-chain cargo.  
How it works

  • The pallets at shipper locations are fitted with Tag360 sensors that measure temperature
  • The sensor starts recording temperature throughout the journey from warehouse to the airport terminal
  • When the shipment arrives at the terminal, the TagHub-FX, Gateway installed at the entry dock syncs the recorded temperature data from incoming sensors
  • The temperature data is synced live from inside the terminal via TagHub-FX Gateways installed in various areas or by cargo handlers using TagLink mobile app
  • Shippers are able to see real-time location and temperature data of their respective shipment from inside the cargo facility.
  • Excursion alerts will be generated and monitored live by Terminal staff and the shipper. They can work together for appropriate interventions
  • In the event of any excursions, terminal staff and shippers can work together for appropriate interventions
  • Temperature and location visibility will be provided until take off

To further improve its cold-chain processing efficiency, BIAL had launched Envirotainer, a technology that enables pharmaceutical companies and their logistics partners to move temperature-sensitive cargo across the world, while maintaining the integrity and quality of products throughout journey. Related report here