6 technologies that will transform air travel

18th January 2021
6 technologies that will transform air travel

 January 18 2021:  Despite the bleak travel scene in 2020, there are reasons to be hopeful for 2021. Fringe and emerging technologies that were side-lined during the previous decade of industry growth are now being examined with fervent scrutiny to evaluate their efficacy in solving crucial COVID-19 challenges.
Health ETAs (Electronic Travel Authority) where electronic verification of a passenger’s health status is required upon entry to a country look set to be commonplace by next year. Their usage will become standardized as new COVID-19 vaccines are made available in 2021.  
Increasing passenger safety, boosting passenger confidence, and making airport and airline operations significantly more efficient, adaptable, and intelligent is the new blueprint for survival, and eventually growth.
From head-mounted thermal scanning devices to technology-supported social distancing measures, new technologies have seeped into our airports and changed the passenger experience. That pace of innovation adoption sets a scene for rapid industry transformation over the next few years and will force a historically slow-moving industry into action.
David Lavorel, CEO, at travel technology specialists, SITA, has recently identified six technologies which are set to transform air travel in 2021. Here they are