New Web platform for travel and tourism biz

September 17 2020: A new online platform has been launched this month -- on September 3 --for the entire supply chain of the travel and tourism industry which include travel agents, guides, tour operators, logistic support companies like taxi operators and even travel explorers.
It is called, (Off-Line Travel Associates) is a communication, advertising and marketing site for the travel industry. It aims to combine the expertise, trust and the knowledge of off-line travel partners and club it with technology ,marketing and brand management experiences of the team at to develop the ultimate travel search engine. is not a travel agent and will not sell anything on the site, but will bring out the essence of the destination with its partners and associates that it works with. Directions, strategies and inputs by the team at OLTA will drive the communications, marketing strategies and brand management of partners and destinations. It will also bring the various service providers of the industry like ground handling partners, guides, logistic partners to the forefront by communicating what each one of them stand for, to markets in India and abroad.
The platform introduces travelers to new and genuine experiences of each destination besides commercial spots. It is also the first platform to launch Vodcasts to show travelers real experiences of the destinations. Podcasts and Vodcasts are the prime drivers to communicate destination experiences at
Says Anand Menon, Founder, “We believe every destination has a story to tell, a story to explore, and a story to experience. We are delighted to launch a platform that brings the world of destination storytellers together and elevate the horizon for travel enthusiasts. I am glad to introduce a concept that can support the domestic travel agents and anybody & everybody in the travel & tourism supply chain.” is based in Bangalore.