Social media app Explurger, for travelers to be launched this week

August 12 2020: A new social media app with travel features is due to be launched on Independence Day this week. It is called Explurgeand is available in iOS and Android
Bucket List: When a friend shares a picture/video from a cool place, just add it to your bucket list. So, whenever you’re in the area, Explurger would remind you to check out that place.
Future Travel Plans: Make your future travel plan announcements exciting with a ‘Live Countdown Timer.’
Explurger Levels: Now for the first time ever, gamify your social media experience with Explurger. Everytime you explore a new country, city, cafe, or share a post or get Kudos on your wall, your Explurger level goes up. Go, flaunt it! 
Kudos: Show your approval, give your fellow Explurgers Kudos. Why stick with one like when you can give up to three kudos!
Spread: With a click of a button, now share all your exciting Explurges on other social media apps out there as you post it on Explurger!
Rate on the go: This app allows you to rate an experience, cafe, city, or place!