World's first biometric border control system with integrated fever detection

23rd March 2020
World's first biometric border control system with integrated fever detection

Thai airports are the first to deploy the German technology for rapid scan of  passengers to detect fever
March 23 2020: As airports around the world, including India, grapple with having to screen incoming international passengers for  symptoms of the raging corona virus,  a key challenge confronts them: how to  identify  visitors with fever, without  having to   slow the entire immigration process.
Technology -- from Dermalog, Germany's largest  biometric solutions company -- has addressed this challenge.  The  company has developed the world's  first biometric border control system with integrated fever detection, identifying potentially infected travelers right at border entrance, without significantly slowing down the process.
The solution is being deployed for the first time at points of entry to Thailand, a country which is in the vortex of the threat from corona virus.
The new solution was demonstrated  recently by the Thai Immigration Bureau deputy commissioner, Pol Maj-Gen Surapong Chaichan at Don Mueang International Airport in Bangkok.
Henceforth the biometric border control system in Don Mueang will capture not only fingerprints and faces, but also measures the body temperature of travelers who pass through the related counters. The temperature is displayed on the border officer's screen and, if someone with fever is detected, the officer is automatically informed and can send the affected person for a health check.
Dermalog developed a special fever camera, which is fully integrated into the Thai entry-exit system. It automatically measures the exact temperature of the traveler while standing in front.
If the CoronaVirus epidemic spreads, Indian airports may have to adopt similar technology to  rapidly handle international passengers entering India.,