Look out for new TripTypes in 2020

19th January 2020
Look out for new TripTypes in 2020

Bangalore, January 19 2020: The Asia Pacific Travel Trends report from Skyscanner is an amber light for tourism  and travel agencies :  new categories of tourists are coming.
For some years, the  most popular stimulus for travel choices was social media.  Tourists checked  their social media links to  see what was trendy -- activity or destination-wise. Then they followed.
This is no longer the case. According to the APAC TRAVEL TRENDS 2020 just published by travel aggregator Skyscanner, trips inspired by social media, which was amongst the top motivators for travel in 2018, recorded the biggest drop  in 2019, down by 44%. Instead some new Trip Types are emerging and are expected to sustain in 2020:
Sustainable Tourism: The fastest growing travel trend is Sustainable Tourism, with 6% of trips in 2020 likely to be more eco-friendly, an 82% increase from 2019. The Sustainable Tourist  selects  Greener Choice flights, offsetting carbon emissions, and only visits destinations that are culturally and environmentally responsible.  He or she prefers public transport, and walking or cycling .  The study finds that 9% of Indians prefer  ecotourism .. the highest number for Asia Pacific  countries  after South Korea ( 11 %)
JOMO (or the ‘Joy Of Missing Out’)  Tourism: This means choosing to enjoy your trip instead of worrying  social media, escaping the hustle of popular spots, , opting to travel off-season to alternative destinations, with less crowds.  15% Indians are likely to go JOMO in 2020, compared to 12% in 2019
Slow Travel: These touriusts prefer a more leisurely way of living. Whether it’s one week or once-budget-runs-out, Slow Travellers  take long walking tours  and non-scheduled activities, may be a  health and rejuvenation package.  16% Indian seem set to travel slowly in 2020, up from 11% in 2019.